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Romantic, Fun and Affordable Ways to Celebrate the Valentine's Day

Updated on November 29, 2017
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Ohla has been a foodie, traveler, frugal wife, writer;believes that happiness lies in our hearts and how we see it in our lives.


February 14th- Valentine's Day

Valentine’s day celebration was only a thing in western countries about 2 decades ago. And this was celebrated only by lovers. But it has come a long way now and it is being celebrated by everyone no matter what part of the world you live. This has happened mainly due to the commercial and marketing campaigns who are trying to make a sale out of everything and anything.

While Valentine's Day celebration has become an expensive thing in this commercial world, it also gives a meaning to all who celebrate it to spice up their routine lives.

How to Make Everyday a Valentine's Day

As the month of February starts we can see there are so many media commercials promoting their flower bouquets, Valentine dinners, Valentine gifts and etc. While some people try to buy the most expensive gifts to their partners or loved ones to show how much they care and adore them, some people may be thinking to themselves who can afford to celebrate Valentines. Because the society we live has framed our mind that celebrating Valentine is giving expensive gifts and having a 7 course candlelit dinner at a fancy restaurant drinking the most expensive wine in the world. Is it so?

For me Valentine is every day if your loved ones are around to pamper and if you are happy with them. I also believe it is good to have some celebration to cheer the daily routine life style and spice up the life. The question is does it need lot of money. Unless you really need to spend and empty your pocket, you can celebrate it with some little bucks.

Here are some tips how you can enjoy and celebrate a Valentine without making harm to your wallet.


1. Watch the Sunset at the Beach and...

Watch the sunset at the beach while savoring your favorite chocolate sharing with your partner. If you have kids let them play on the beach and have a time while you and your partner enjoy a relaxing evening.

Once we did this and we talked hours and hours as if we have no home to go. We talked about our childhood, how we feel about us, what we have accomplished together in our lives and we made each other proud.


2. Rejuvenate and Relax at a Spa Together

Another way to rejuvenates and have a relaxed time is spending few hours at the spa by buying a couple packages.

We did this on one of our wedding anniversary and even after 10 years he still recalls the spa experience. That was his first time and he loved it. I did not spend a ransom to get a few hours of spa treatment but we both loved it going through such pampering together.


3. Walking Along the Park Recalling Old Stories

Go to the park holding hands and recalling old stories and making fun of it also another nice way to spend the Valentine's Day.

Savor many ice creams while walking along the park is a nice way to go back to the days of your childhood.

Getting blessings
Getting blessings | Source

4. Make a Wish at a Noble Religious Place

If you are a religious person, why not make it a day to go to the temple, church or to a kovil that you have not being before and make a wish for you and your loved ones for many more happy years together on a Valentine's day.


5. Make a Feast & Celebrate

Another fun way is to take a day off. Get together in the kitchen and make few dishes you have never made before and cook a feast. Working together and sharing that feast would definitely be tastier, healthier and budget friendlier and happier than having a 7 course meal at a star restaurant.


6. No Plan But Much Fun

Once we just made the day without a plan. We just got into the car and just went out without knowing where to go and what to do.

We just went to the countryside and enjoyed the view and tasted the roadside delicious freshly made food smelling the fresh air and talking to local people.

We visited a waterfall nearby and played with water and enjoyed it as if we were children. It was a more relaxed and memorable valentine experience without any hassle.

Which one is the best way to celebrate the Valentines for you?

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  • Hope you enjoy the article and you may have better ideas to share.

  • Please add them and lets make a good list of creative, fun and affordable ways to enjoy the Valentine's day.


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    • Thish profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      @CatherineGiordano, Thanks for your idea.True that sometimes when we have children we get busy with them and take no time to ourselves and as you said we should find time for that too.

    • CatherineGiordano profile image

      Catherine Giordano 

      4 years ago from Orlando Florida

      Great ideas for Valentine's Day or any date night. It is really important to set aside special time to reconnect with your sweetie.


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