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Creative Wedding Ideas

Updated on July 17, 2011

Want to create a wedding with unique and creative elements? I have a few ideas that may help spark your imagination, and inspire you, to add your own personality and ideas into your wedding decor. You may choose to start with your wedding reception, or wedding ceremony, to begin creating and incorporating your ideas.

* Tell your love story to your wedding guest through photos. Place different photo cards on each table at your wedding reception, of special moments that you have shared as a couple. Give your photo cards titles. Some examples are: Our Trip to ......, Our first date, Love at first site, I knew he was the one when...... Your picture will represent this special moment you have shared.

* Using a decorative hole punch: A decorative hole punch can be in the shape of a leaf, butterfly, shell, star, heart, snowflake and more. You can use a decorative hole punch to make your own confetti to place on tables at your wedding reception and/or cake table, gift table, or use your hole punch to add a decorative touch to your escort cards, place cards etc.

* Decorative scissors are also another option, that you can use too create whimsical borders, frames, and edges. Use to cut strips of craft or construction paper which you will use to wrap around your votive candle holders. Decorative scissors have different designs and some are sold with interchangeable blades.

* Rose petals, sparklers, rice, ribbon wands, are all items your wedding guest can use to bid you goodbye, as you leave your wedding reception.

* At each place setting, you can put, small inexpensive clear containers or jars, filled with mints or colored candies matching your wedding color scheme, tie with name tag which will double as a place setting and wedding favor.

P.S. What a difference a strip of ribbon can make. Attach a strip of satin ribbon to the plain inexpensive candles you purchased, and......Viola!

Decorative Paper Edge Designs
Decorative Paper Edge Designs
Decorative hole punch
Decorative hole punch
Decorative Paper Edge Styles
Decorative Paper Edge Styles


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    • eventsyoudesign profile image

      eventsyoudesign 7 years ago from Nashville, Tennessee

      Nice article. Thanks for sharing. Teresa

    • Princess Weddings profile image

      Princess Weddings 7 years ago

      Thank You

    • kellydove profile image

      kellydove 7 years ago

      nice work i like it