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Creative, inexpensive wedding themes and favors

Updated on January 17, 2013

The Cliche

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming and expensive. So many options have been done to the point of being a cliche. Tired of the boring, old tulle wrapped candy? Who wants to be like everyone else? This article will delve into different options and fresh looks at some traditional themes.



Casino Night

Whether you are getting married in Vegas or wish you could, Casino Night makes an excellent theme with plenty of options for d├ęcor, favors, and activities.

Twinkling lights, playing cards, dice, and poker chips make excellent certerpieces. There are many wedding themed playing cards out there like "Two of a Kind" or "King and Queen of Hearts." These decks of cards even make great favors. Chocolate poker chips offer fun to play with and to eat.



Fortune Cookies and Take-out Boxes

Some couples have fallen in love with Asian accented themes. Whether you like the culture or just the food, this theme is a lot of fun. Cherry blossoms are big in pink or red and black. Take-out boxes can be personalized to just about any color and can hold goodies like candy or can be used for decorations with votives or flowers. Another spin on the Asian theme is paper fans. These are usually inexpensive, and calligraphy can be added to symbolize "love" or "peace."

Wedding themed fortune cookies are available in different colors and flavors. These are decorative and munchable!



Take Me to the Movies

Your romance may be a love story or a high-octane, action blockbuster. Use your story to create a night at the movies for your guests. Punch up a boring slide-show of childhood pictures with a moving musical score and sound effects. Personalize popcorn boxes, and place movie style candy at each table for an additional treat.

Add slogans like "Must see" and "Critically acclaimed" to pictures of the happy couple and bridal party to make your own movie posters for centerpiece decorations or place cards. For an extra fun bonus, place 3D glasses, film reels, and award trophy replicas around the tables.

Beach Buckets


Take Me to the Beach

A salty breeze flutters your veil, and the sand squishes between your toes as you stare into the eyes of your soul mate. Capture the peaceful feeling of a beach wedding with sea shells and star fish. Light blues and sandy hues accentuate the serenity, or tropical tones celebrate luau style.

Guests may choose to leave well wishes message-in-a-bottle style, with pieces of paper and a wine bottle. Colorful mixed drinks quench thirsts. Rather than limping with sore feet thanks to uncomfortable heals, bridesmaids revel in flip-flops.



Sweets for the Sweet

Everyone loves candy. Whether you choose colorful lollipops, licorice, or jellybeans, candy is easy to coordinate with color schemes and is one favor that is almost guaranteed to disappear before the party is over. Many couples are even setting up candy buffets for guests to gorge on. If the couple has a favorite candy such as M&Ms or chocolate bars, personalized versions are available through a variety of websites. Guests will be on a sugar high after sharing Kisses.

Golf Balls


Play Ball!

Many couples share a love of sports or a special sports team. You may choose to display your sports passion by incorporating your team's colors into flower arrangements or the bridal finery or by placing props like sports equipment around the tables. Personalized items like golf balls and tees are available from many venders. Foil wrapped chocolates resembling baseballs or footballs are inexpensive guest favorites.







Four Seasons


Spring symbolizes new life and new beginnings. Fresh seasonal flowers make great bouquets; tulips, daisies, lilacs, and lillies are common bouquet fillers. Pastel colors abound. Butterflies and grass are new spring themes, showing up in bouquets, ceneterpieces, and on cakes. Rather than just traditional rose petals, flower girls may toss whole spring flower heads or petals from spring (also less expensive) flowers.


Summer is all about bright colors and sunshine. Centerpieces should be playful and can include plastic beach pails or watering cans filled with flowers, colorful fruits and vegetables that are in season like tomatoes and oranges, mini sail boats, and anything else that means summer to the happy couple.


Fall weddings can be some of the most beautiful. Color pallets include browns, golds, and oranges. Flower girls throw fall leaves instead of flower petals, and pumpkins and gourdes make perfect natural centerpieces. Candy corn makes a tasty snack and the colors compliment the fall pallet. A truly adventurous couple can even tie Halloween into the wedding by wearing masks or costumes or choosing music like Monster Mash.


It may be cold outside, but you have your love to keep you warm. This is the one time of year when capes are appropriate wedding apparel (unless you are having a super hero wedding). The Christmas holiday season has a lot of built-in decorative ideas like poinsettias, holly, and mistletoe. Ornaments and twinkly lights abound, and color pallets include Christmas red and green, light blue, and silver. Although it may be messy, flower girls can throw imitation snow or snowflake confetti.

Tulle with a flair


If You Are Going to do Tulle, Do It Right

Rather than plain tulle wrapped treats, embrace the tulle and make it your own. Add embelishments to match your theme or symbolize your union. Use peacock feathers, flowers, leaves, jewels, sequins, and anything else to punch things up. You may also plan to add other goodies to the treat bags such as fortune cookies, small toys, and candles.


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    • Cat Wisdom profile image

      Cat Wisdom 5 years ago

      Awesome! I love the beach wedding ideas. Voted up!

    • JoseR17 profile image

      JoseR17 5 years ago

      Great ideas!