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Crushes : "Does He Like Me?"

Updated on April 10, 2013

Every young girl & even grown woman has asked this question at least once. Sometimes it is hard to tell if a boy/man likes you. For me, I never knew a guy liked me unless he went out of his way to spend tie with me, even then, I questioned it. There are some simple ways to tell if a guy likes you like “that”. Though not all two men are alike, they all have one thing in common, when they like someone, it shows! Here are some signs to look for when asking the question "Does he like me?"....

The Signs

His Friends

Do his friends talk to you? Often times when a boy or a man is into you, his friends try to break the ice for him. They will drop hints at it or invite you to a social gathering where he will be be. It also shows when he has talked to his friends about you. They way they speak to you is a sure sign of it.

His Eyes

Most boys & even men who like a gal will stare. I am not sure what they are thinking or if you would even want to know!, but when they like someone they will look & look often. Boys & men are visual & usually first like a gal based on her appearance. The term “love at first sight” applies to men more then women – even though they will not admit to that!

His Body Language

Does he seem to be showing off more when you are around? Trying to appear all “cool” & “collected”? Boys & men do this to appeal to girls/women. Its their way of “showing off” to get you interested. They will carry themselves differently & it will be noticeable.

His Smile

The one is simple, if he smiles a lot around you, chances are he likes you! Boys & men like to feel a joy around the gal they like. Even from a distance, if you bring a spark of joy to his heart, that is enough to make him smile. Often times all's it takes is for you to smile to get him to smile back.

His Clothing

Guys will go out of their way to impress the gal they like & this includes shopping for new clothing. They will often figure out what your favorite color is & wear it. They want to look good to & for us females. In the wild, male birds are the more colored ones & this is strictly for mating purposes. Color is appealing to both sexes & can change your mood in an instant.

His Jokes

Does he try to make you laugh? Even if he is telling awful jokes, his only goal is to see you smile.

His Time

If he goes out of his way to spend time with you, he is likely into you. If he is skipping out on work for a day, ditching his friends or giving up a sports game.. You definitely caught his eye. If he begins to include you in hanging out with his friends, he is showing you off to see how his friends feel about you. If he is willing to bring you around his closest friends, he may like you more then you think.

Boys/Men can be a tough card to read. While some make it obvious they are into a girl/woman, others try their best to make it unapparent. When you are younger, boys tend to make light fun of you when they like you but when you get older, you realize men making simple eye contact & a smile is enough to say "Hey, I like you!". Be aware that some boys/guys do pay compliments with their eyes but don't wish to peruse a relationship with you because they either have one already or have their time committed to something else. Never take interest in a boy or man whos time is committed else where because it can & often does, lead to heart ache. The best way to go about figuring this one out is to act like you are not interested but not so much so that you are off putting. Boys & men alike love a hard catch & a gal willing to make them fight for their affection. If you are looking for love, remember, true love waits!


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