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Curvy Women Are Sexy, Too!

Updated on February 23, 2017

Curvy women are sexy, too! Back in my early twenties, I believed I had to be hundred pounds to be attractive, but that is just not true. Take a closer look at many larger women because they are healthy and active, but they have meat on their bones. There is a perception that many American women are large and not attractive, but I am going to debunk that theory right now. Not all large women are inactive. I am not saying I am the most beautiful woman in the world, but I know I am sexy, and yes I am curvy. I think women can be the worst critics of other women, especially when it comes to weight and diets. Well guess what ladies: I walk a lot and eat a balanced diet, so I proclaim I am sexy and curvy. Attractiveness is not just held the lock, stock, and barrel by skinny girls who have high metabolisms. Not every can be super skinny, and you should not feel bad if you are not able to look that way. Celebrate who you are, not how others think you should look. Of course naturally skinny women and naturally curvy women are equally beautiful. To me, it is all about being natural, eating healthy, and not starving yourself to fit an ideal that is not realistic.

Polynesian Women Are Some Of The Most Beautiful In The World

Polynesian women are some of the most beautiful in the world. However, if you look at many of them they are not all stick figures. Genetically many Polynesian women are larger, and to be quite frank I think that is beautiful. Thin women are not the only women who win the beauty title hook, line, and sinker!  Do not forget that the European sailors thought Tahitian women were some of the most divine they had ever seen, and a historical mutiny can be attributed to the infatuation the men of the HMAV Bounty had with this beautiful ladies; to some extent anyway!

Not All Larger American Women Are Unhealthy

There is a perception by outsiders that all larger American women are unhealthy, but that is simply not the case. Yes I love carbs and pasta, but I walk and eat a variety of healthy foods, so I am actually better off than many women obsessed with drinking their ultra slim fast drinks and starving themselves throughout the day. I know because I can speak from experience as a woman who was very obsessed with her weight for seven years of my twenties. In those days everything revolved around counting calories and barely eating, and let us just say fellow females are not always the most supportive people in the world.

I know many women of Mexican-American backgrounds who come from families where enjoying a large family meal is the norm. Many of these women eat healthy and exercise quite a bit, but that does not mean they are stick figures. I know Caucasians, Native Americans, Asians, and people of every ethnic group who enjoy eating food and are not the slimmest people in the book. One of my college roommates was Laotian and she actually admitted she always was on the larger side. However guess what, she made some of the most yummy food I have ever tasted, plus she was beautiful and athletic. She said she did not understand how some girls from her culture ate very little just because they wanted to look a certain way, and I must admit I admired her healthy attitude. I believe there are too many women that undereat in every culture. They are entitled to do this if food is not their pleasure, but they really do not need to roll their eyes and make catty comments about their female compatriots who enjoy cuisine.

Yes people should not eat too many of the wrong foods, but being slightly larger when you eat a healthy diet is just fine. There are many beautiful and sexy women through out the world who do not obsess with the calories, and their conversations are more delightful than those women who obsess with eating. Have you ever heard a woman talk about what she ate today? Boring, boring, boring! 

By the way, often people will not want to go to the dinner party host is overly slim because you know they will not have a wide variety of yummy foods to choose from. Not that this is always the case, but many overly thin women I have met serve very little at dinner parties, and some of the best and healthy meals were served by larger women.  This is not always the case, but people who enjoy eating usually know food.

Indian Picture Hubs Are Not All Bad

Lately the Indian picture hubs are the butt of many jokes, but there is one observation I can make from their photos, at least these women eat a healthy diet.  Looking at an American fashion magazine is a little unbearable at times because the women are overly airbrushed and emaciated to begin with, but when you look at the Indian celebrities you can tell they are healthy women.  Not all of them are slim either, which I think is part of their sex appeal, these women still have curves.  So while some people in the world may think only a slim woman deserves recognition and respect, I must say there are beautiful and curvy women the world over.  Also yes, they like to eat food, which is healthy and sensuous.


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