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Cyber Dating and Relationships

Updated on January 24, 2015

There is a fabulous new dating site coming on-line this Valentine's Day 2015.

The timing is spot on and Cupid's arrow is docked and ready to let loose. For those people with a penchant for big-boned, above average, voluptuous and heavier women and men, there is a website with the match for you to fulfill that preference. The tendency of attraction to an above average or neither fat nor slim person, is the target market of this new site. The under-served curvy community and hearty appetites for heavy men will be satisfied on this dating site, blog and social media pages because it’s all about that bass/bottom or "thickness" if you will.

A higher BMI can have some benefits . There have been scientific studies that document those advantages. In a study including 200 men, the final results concluded that "Big Men Make Better Lovers". Something to do with the higher BMI and hormone/testosterone levels and lasting longer but you get the gist of what we are telling you as told to us. And lets not forget the many larger than life (or above average sized) men that we love to love. There is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Vince Vaughn, Chris Noth AKA Mr. Big and Big Spence. All actors that have made their marks as leading men, reaching new plateaus and breaking the usual stereotypical mold of the average sized lead actors in TV and Movies. And there are large leading women as well. Melissa McCarthy has done several movies as the leading lady. She plays a rough uncouth character but regrets and reforms and cleans up well (she goes from rough to elegant in a most pleasing manner as in she looks great) in the movie about fraud and stealing identities. In addition, lets remember all those Sport Players. Football and Baseball teams have a plethora of large handsome well paid men, with endorsements and product lines that are based on their large bodies as well as their athletic abilities. Big is beautiful and handsome.

Some of our most popular celebrities are desired, coveted and imitated and their allure is their body type/size as well as their other talents. For instance, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez (JLo), Nikki Minaj, Kim Kardashian West, and Buffie the Body (to name a few well known names) are known as much for their booty body (parts and in total) as their talents of singing, acting, modeling, business acumen and entrepreneurship. These ladies have and continue to profit immensely, utilizing their assets showcasing their bodies and shaking that money maker to the bank to the tune of millions of dollars. Big booty can equal big business. They mean to cater to this big business and match, thick, big, beautiful and bold BBWs and BHMs with their perfect match/mate.

Check out the bae's that have so much more to offer. Widen your circle of fun to find out what’s going on. And always have Big Fun!

Cyber Date

It is a tech- savvy world where we do everything on-line. We get our news, shop and even find someone to date! We are all so busy working and do not have much time for social activities.

Do you like big booty, curvy and voluptuous people?

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