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Updated on December 1, 2014

We're Going To the Chapel And We're Gonna Get Married...

Nadine has finally secured a location for her wedding! This is a bigger deal than you might think! Nadine and her fiancée Greg live several states away from the state where they want to get married and have for several years now. When they began looking for a place to get married, it became a real challenge, not only because of the distance, but because Greg wanted for them to be married in a Catholic church. Another bigger deal than you might think.

With a Catholic wedding, you need to be a member of that church and there are all kinds of complicated diocese matters, etc. Luckily,Nadine had attended services at the church where she wanted to be married years before and through some wangling has secured the location. Now I, as the wedding planner, need to size up the location. And that's what you should do. After you choose your location, whether it's a church, ballroom, or stretch of beach, you have to figure out the whole logistics of the aisle and decorations. Although I want to go heavy on the wow factor, within reason, of course, (don't want the church looking like Vegas!), Nadine understandably wants all eyes to be on her. mission is understated, but elegantly gorgeous.

Dum Dum De Dum...The Aisle!

My first step and yours should be to go to the venue and measure, yes, I said measure, for you math challenged people like me. Take your tape measure and measure the length of the aisle. You will need to know that for the aisle runner. No sense having some unhappy surprises on the actual day when your groomsmen go to roll out the 50 ft. aisle runner you have purchased and your aisle is 75 feet. Whoopsie!

Aisle runners are as expensive or inexpensive as you want them to be. You can buy the papery cloth variety at Hobby Lobby, Wal-mart, or Michael's or you can go the more adventurous and labor-intensive route and actually make your aisle runner like I plan to do for Nadine and Greg's wedding.

I plan to make theirs from muslin which luckily is very cheap and can be readily purchased at any fabric store. It can also be purchased in bolts of up to 25 yards, a definite plus! The most popular DIY ideas for aisle runners these days are monogrammed runners and runners covered in rose petals. The rose petal option, though beautiful and visually absolutely stunning, is out of many brides price range unless you do it yourself and attach silk rose petals to the edges only and not the entire runner. Probably a lot safer, too since I can visualize a bride's heel getting caught in all those petals and her taking a flying lurch up the aisle toward her groom. Not a pretty sight! Although it appeals to the meaner side of me! Only not for Nadine's wedding, because hers is gonna be perfect!

There are some great tutorials on how to monogram your own aisle runner and I will post pictures as I create Nadine's to help you create your own.


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