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Unique DIY Wedding Favor Ideas

Updated on September 8, 2016
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Rose is a full-time freelance writer who frequently writes about education, special education, DIY projects, food, Milwaukee, and more.

Decorated matchbox.
Decorated matchbox. | Source

One great way to add a unique, creative flare to your wedding is with homemade wedding favors. Whether you are including favors as one of the many do it yourself aspects of your wedding or are simply interested in just making the favors, people will remember the handmade favors. There are a wide variety of popular items out there. Don't be afraid to take some liberties and make these ideas your own.

Consider the following personalization options.

  • Seasonal. Think about scents and flavors that fit with the current season for soaps, candies, jams, candles, and more.
  • Wedding theme. Go beyond the wedding color scheme and think about how your favors will fit in with the overall theme, such as classic, vintage, or beach.
  • Regional. This is not necessary, but it can add another unique touch to your wedding favors.



Consider fragrances and shapes that will be appealing to both men and women of a variety of ages. Raspberry heart shaped soaps are fine for a bridal shower favor, but square clean scented soaps (i.e. rain scent) will be a better bet for wedding favors. Keep in mind that the soap favors can be small. A couple little squares is just fine. Label the soaps with their scents so people know what they are getting.

Tip: Don't forget about the packaging!

Consider adding a handmade packaging option to your homemade wedding favors.

Candied orange peel.
Candied orange peel. | Source

Candy and Other Sweets

A small amount of candy or a couple cookies is the perfect way to end the wedding. People can enjoy a little treat before they leave or can take it with them to enjoy the next day. Many craft stores sell bulk treat bags and boxes in the candy section. Additionally, a number of craft stores have wedding sections that may have other options. It may be easier to purchase plain bags or boxes and decorate them yourself than to do the entire packaging project from scratch.


Jams and Honey

This is one of the more ambitious wedding favors that you can make. If you enjoy making jam and have access to relatively inexpensive, seasonal fruit, go for it. It will certainly wow your guests. Make sure to include labels with the type of jam or information about the honey.

How to Make Strawberry Jam

Matches and Matchboxes

While matches and matchboxes don't have the appeal that they once did for commonplace smoking, they are still household staple for many people. They can also have a romantic connotation when associated with candles. There are a number of plain matchbox sleeves and boxes available that you can have personalized or decorated any way that you like.


Seeds or Plants

There are a lot of creative ideas out there for both seed packets and potted plants. I have featured just one possibility in the photo on the right. Consider pairing your seeds or plants with a quote about growth and/or planting.


Christmas Ornaments

Obviously, a Christmas ornament is a great seasonal choice for December weddings, but you can gift a Christmas ornament any time of year. An ornament is a special piece of décor that will serve as a reminder for your guests of your wedding day and marriage for many years to come. The possibilities for designs and materials are endless.



There are many options for materials and messages for bookmarks. Go beyond a simple paper bookmark and make something that will be a more lasting gift for your guests, such as leather, fabric, or plastic.


Paper Flowers

Paper flowers are a fun, versatile décor item. People can find many ways to use them around the home. If you want to create a flower favor that will last a little longer, consider fabric flowers. If sewing intimidates you, go for one of the many no-sew options out there. Additionally, paper flowers can make a great box or jar topper for other wedding favors.

Learn to Make Paper Flowers!



Small candles in mini mason jars or vintage tea cups make a beautiful addition to your wedding table settings and will also be great favors. This is another favor where it is important to consider fragrances and designs that will be appealing to both men and women. Keep the scents light so they don't overwhelm the entire room and label your candles so people know what scents they are getting.

How to Make Candles : Recipe for Making a Soy Candle


Mix CDs

I know that mix CDs are considered obsolete in a primarily digital music age. However, they're still a fun, personalized gift, and people can easily rip the songs and listen to them on the computer or their choice of music player. Enjoy the process of selecting favorite songs with your spouse and building a great playlist.


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