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DIY Rustic Wedding Ideas

Updated on October 18, 2015
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Online wedding planner for over 10 years. My goal has been to show everyone the best way to plan their wedding without breaking the bank !

Lace And Burlap Tips

Think about adding a little lace to your rustic wedding.Lace adds some ambience and bridal quality to yoour tables. Use doilies, napkins and lace tablecloths as overlays wherever you can. Check out Goodwill stores and other thrift stores may have good used ones. They don’t have to match.If you only get a few, use them on your head tables, gift tables, dessert or candy buffet tables.

Burlap is perfect for this wedding theme and can be used in dozens of ways. It can be used as runners on tables. It can be used in centerpieces. It can be made into flowers. It can also be used to wrap around napkins. I love the natural burlap look, but you can also get it in colors to match your décor

Best Rustic and Country Wedding Ideas

By incorporating the DIY look into your wedding décor you get the chance to really put your own "stamp" on the day and it allows you to really have the items reflect your individual style' You can bring some rustic ideas into your venue or have a complete rustic wedding outdooors. The choice id yours.

A rustic wedding includes a great many elements of nature. Because ot is all about the great outdoors, you can create a great many of the projects. We are going to guide you through some of the elements of the rustic wedding and then show you what you can do to make it personal.

Rustic does not have to mean western, but can include those elements. There is also a rustic theme that is called rustic chic

Hallowed Log Centerpiece

Recycled logs hallowed out with plants or flowers set in glass rectangular vases are a perfect touch for a rustic wedding
Recycled logs hallowed out with plants or flowers set in glass rectangular vases are a perfect touch for a rustic wedding

About Your Rustic Theme

The rustic wedding lends itself to a more casual event. You can have a wedding in the great outdoors. You could have, like one local bride here in Florida, your event at a farm that is used just for weddings. You could have it in a barn or in a home. But you are not limited to those locations. You could bring your rustic theme to a more formal reception venue with just a couple of touches. It’s not about country per se, but about a sense of loving nature and all the bounty of it. This theme would be great for hikers, skiers, or anyone who loves nature.

Because it is about nature your color palette would reflect that Think of tones in deep yellow, gold, sage, celadon, rust, tan and cinnamon are perfect. You could think of warm earthy tones with greens and whites. Think of walking through a wooded glade or a meadow filled with flowers.

For flowers, think of natural materials and wild flowers. Think about the scent of lavender. Think about black eyed susans, sunflowers, daises, and lupin. Think of fern and even queen ann lace. Think of all the natural wild flowers that nature provides. Also think about natural wood like birch and pine elements. Think about pine cones and even acorns. Again visualize nature and bring those elements to your theme.
For food, think about foods that bring you home..comfort foods. Think about barbeque and ribs. Pulled pork and ham and even turkey. Potatoes and fresh vegetables. Think about fresh fruit in natural baskets.And a terrific cake with cobblers or pies for an added touch.

Fantastic Ideas from Maggie Lord
Fantastic Ideas from Maggie Lord | Source

Rustic Centerpiece Ideas

Your rustic centerpieces can be as easy to make but pretty as a picture. You just have to plan ahead and then put them together. Here are a few of my favorite ideas to get your creative juices flowing.For linens think about a beige color. I like beige because the elements of the wedding always look good on the neutral color. The pop of color in your centerpieces pull it all together.

  1. A simple lantern and a candle makes the easiest centerpiece of all. If you are having an outdoor evening wedding this is a perfect idea for your tables. There are lots of lanterns in white and other colors that will work for you. Make sure that your candle is large enough to last the evening. Better yet, I like to use a flameless candle, cause they will burn for hours and never need tending.
  2. Bowls of fruit are a perfect centerpiece and you can have your guests take home the fruit after the wedding. Placed in lovely baskets with a touch of ribbon, they are a complement to your theme. Think of red apples, grapes, cherries and more. You can get nice baskets in your local dollar store. If the basket has an open weave, you can weave the ribbon around the weave. Use a checkered ribbon or a soft color
  3. A simple mason jar with wildflowers is always a perfect touch to your rustic wedding. You can use soft roses like white or pink with light lavender and greens. You could also use zinnias and marigolds. Add a touch of babys breath and some ribbon to make a delightful statement.
  4. I love to use real flowers wherever possible. So why not place pots of real flowers on your tables. In graduated heights, these will look lovely in your venue and your guests can take them home and plant them. Or you can take them home and plant them. I especially like perennials as they will come back year after year. Wrap the pots in some nice print material. Cut the edges with a pinking shear and secure with ribbon.
  5. You can use branches set into either foam or cement that has been placed into flower pots. I prefer to use the clay pots which are \easy and reasonaly priced. You could either glue silk country flowers onto it or in the fall, pretty fall leaves. Tie a piece of ribbon onto the pot or a piece of raffia in a pretty bow. Pla\ce them on a square of pinked cloth. Or you could also place it on a piece of round wood.
  6. Wrap a plain glass vase in birch bark. Add flowers. Tie with raffia or ribbon
  7. Wrap moss around tin cans. Take some crochet thread and wrap around the moss until it's covered. Tie off the string and trim the moss. Add some flowers or blooming bubs for your centerpieces. Group in threes on each table. Place on a piece of wood for a full effect

Coffee Filter Wreath

Get directions for this coffee filter wreath.With about 200 coffee filters-brown or white, a glue gun and a wreath form, you can make this adorable wreath. Click on the picture to get directions
Get directions for this coffee filter wreath.With about 200 coffee filters-brown or white, a glue gun and a wreath form, you can make this adorable wreath. Click on the picture to get directions | Source

DIY Your Rustic Wedding And Save

The average wedding is somewhere in the vicinity of $25,000 and above. That is a lot of money in my book. If you plan ahead, even if you are not a crafty person, you can save money by making it yourself.

  1. Pick your projects ! Have a folder with all your DIY ideas and directions. Include pictures as you are planning your ceremony and reception area.
  2. Make a list of all the supplies you will need . Understand the amount that you need-specifically yardage, containers, any glue ribbon, ect.
  3. Shop Around to see where you can get the best prices Check places like your local craft stores, Ebay, Amazon and bulk craft online suppliers. Use coupons wherever you can. Make sure to order a little more than you actually need, so that you have enough to complete your projects
  4. Shop off season or at end of season to get the best prices
  5. Make a timetable to complete your projects
  6. Get help to get it all done

Fall Rustic Wedding Ideas

I love the idea of the fall rustic wedding theme ! Nature lends itself to your theme so easily ! With the fall leaves you automatically get your palette. Pumpkins and gourds are plenty full. You can easily make fall harvest centerpieces without being halloweeny.

Pumpkins and gouds of different sizes can be laid out beautifully on a brown charger
Pumpkins hallowed out with small round vases set in them.Set some beautiful fall flowers with some leaves and you are good to go
You can do the same thing with fall plants. They can be set inside hallowed out pumpkins

Rustic Wedding DIY Bouquets

More Rustic Wedding Decor

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    • linfcor profile image

      Linda F Correa 3 years ago from Spring Hill Florida

      I love the combination of burlap and lace. The contrast is fabulous. Making DIY Brides projects makes a wedding so much more personable

    • linfcor profile image

      Linda F Correa 3 years ago from Spring Hill Florida

      Thanks for your input. I love making wedding décor. Makes a wedding so personal

    • Gayle Dowell profile image

      Gayle Dowell 3 years ago from Kansas

      Just married off my oldest daughter and made some rustic decorations using burlap and lace. Great lens. Just wish I would have come across it sooner! :)