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Dating Someone Who's "Not Into Art," Unless it's Your Art

Updated on April 2, 2013
Your date should be excited by your passion. Photo courtesy of the artist Corinna Nicole. Art by Corinna Nicole
Your date should be excited by your passion. Photo courtesy of the artist Corinna Nicole. Art by Corinna Nicole

Just. Don't. Do. It.

Seriously. As endearing as it may seem when the new person you're dating tells you that they're not really into art, but they love your art, it's honestly just not enough.

Think about it: Art is your passion. Not just making art, but seeing art. Being inspired by art. Talking about art. Making trips to art galleries and museums or going to events such as art walks is probably a regular thing for you. You will want your sweetheart to go with you, right? But if the person you're dating is "not into art," you already know they won't be interested in any of those events, and will tag along simply to please you. While you analyze works of art, your date is checking the time. And while you're rambling on about how much you loved the exhibit, they're probably texting while responding with a few uh-huh's and yeah's.

I'm speaking from experience here, if you haven't figured it out. I've tried my best to give a good chance to someone who didn't care for art in general, but said they enjoyed my art. But when they accompanied me to an art show, I had the overwhelming sense that they would rather be anywhere else. After that first art outing, I always felt like I would be dragging them along to galleries, so I just wouldn't invite them, and go with other friends instead. Needless-to-say, it wasn't long before I had to gently let them go.

The fact is, you won't stay happy long. After the initial excitement of this person has worn off, you'll need them to be more invested in your interests.

They don't have to understand art, just appreciate it.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not saying you should only date people who have studied art or have always made it a part of their regular outings. But, your potential partner should at least have some appreciation for art, or a genuine interest in wanting to be more exposed to art. This will most definitely make you both a lot happier and lead to a more promising relationship.

Art is your passion and your girlfriend/boyfriend, partner or spouse should be excited by your passion as well.

What's your opinion?

How important is it that the person you're dating is into your passion?

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    • Life of an Artist profile image

      Corinna Nicole 4 years ago from Huntsville, AL

      Aww thank you mom!

    • profile image

      Inge 4 years ago

      I agree that the person who you share your life with should share your passion and vice versa. If you dont"t have that in your relationship, there will always be a big void. You made a great point and I wish I'd had your inside when I was junger.

      I love your hubs and will follow!