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Dating a Guy on a Different Level

Updated on May 4, 2015

You met this guy and he is really hot. He has money also. He is in his early to mid twenties and you are in your late twenties to early thirties. Some guys are mature. This guy is still partying all the time.

When you are with a guy and are on different levels it is very hard. You have been through the partying stage where you get drunk and stay out late. He is still in that phase. You find people like that annoying while he finds people like those fun. You want someone who you could talk about books with and he finds that boring.

This could be a problem. If you are looking for commitment this guy cannot give it to you. He does not want to settle down, he just wants to enjoy his youth. So if you are thinking about starting a family you may want to find a guy who is more focused. You can't be with a guy where you are wondering where to get married and he is wondering where to go this upcomming Saturday night. You both are on different wavelengnths.

You have to accept who this guy is and move on. You cannot change him. Telling yourself that you could be the girl to make him want to settle down is only leading yourself up to get hurt. Of course there are players who stick to a girl once they find the right girl but why would you want to risk your heart? If he is a heartbreaker he will break your heart.

Start going places where this guy will be. Go to bookstores or church events. If you are looking for a serious relationship stay away from a bar. Most guys who go there are only looking for one thing. If they do not get it they will move on, if they do get it they will move on to their next pawn in their game.

Timing is everything and if two people are meant to be together they will. Focus on yourself, go after what you want and what is meant to be will be. Don't sell yourself short and stay in a relationship where you are not getting what you want.

Did you ever date someone who was on a different level than you?

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