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Dating advice: What to do before you date someone

Updated on December 22, 2015

Talk to them

This is quite a simple thing to do, you have to speak with them once in a while in order to know them a little better. But don't show them that you have interest in them at all acting like an uninterested person might help you get closer to the one you want to date and give you a better understanding of what kind of things they like and what they don't like.

This is a great way to avoid feeling any pressure between both of you and it will allow you to speak to that person easily. This will only work of course if you really don't show interest in them at all even if you have any.

Become their friends

This might be a risky step but it is something that you might need to know in order to know their behavior. This way you will be sure if they are worth it or not.

This step can also let you know something quite important for a relationship, it will show you if:

#1 They will be respectful with you.

#2 It will show you if they are double faced.

By "double faced" I mean if they act nicely when it is convenient for them but completely changed attitudes and even betray others. This is something pretty useful if you want to know the way they really are.

Learn how they are with other people

If you're still not sure if the person that you want to date is completely honest with you then try to see how they are with other people. Doing this before dating could really change the way that you look at them and even make you want to avoid dating them at all. But it is for the best, this is how you know a person good enough to decide if they are worth it or you would either lose your time with them messing around with you or you might have met the person that you have waited for your whole life.

You never know!

Speak with them about what they like

You might find quite some interesting things after you have been their friends for a while, the person that you're trying to date might open to you, you might as well take this opportunity to understand them a little better and even become a better boyfriend/girlfriend if it all works out.

You could also disagree with the things that they like and have a normal discussion about it. This is a great way to see their reactions and whether they will get mad when you discuss with them about something or not.

The possibilities of speaking are limitless and gives us a better understanding about everyone so, why not give it a good use?

Hang out with them

If you are in fact getting close to them and you like what you have seen in this person so far then the next step is hang out with them. Go to the movies, take a coffee, etc... The point of taking this step is:

#1 Showing some interest.

#2 Get them interested.

This of course has to be done once you're sure that you want to start dating them. This is showing your interest on them already so they might or will get interested in you.

Otherwise if you feel like the person that you wanted to date is not worth it or not your type then the best thing to do is still speak with them a little then decide whether you want to stop talking to them or keep in touch.

Take the final step

By "taking the final step" I'm talking about asking him/her out. If you are a guy then this might be something obvious to do looking at the way our society is but if you are a girl then don't worry, there is nothing wrong with asking a guy out. You won't die from it.

Since this is the scariest and the step that will decide everything it can be something really scary for you. It shouldn't it will only decide whether you and him/her will date or not. In the worst possible case he/she will say no and that's about it.

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    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 2 years ago

      There is some really good advice here!

      Personally speaking I would avoid the "Become their friends".

      It's easier for your mate to evolve into also becoming your "best friend" than it is for your best friend to become "your mate".

      People have a way of putting others in various "boxes" forever.

      Once you've been assigned to the "friendship box" especially if you are a male it's hard to be viewed as a "romantic interest" in the eyes of most women. Going out on a date is a fun sociable activity that allows people to determine if they have chemistry and mutual interests.

      Not everyone you date is going to be a potential "soul-mate" or spouse.

      Spending too much time together BEFORE going out on a date usually comes across as two friends "hanging out" instead of romance/passion.

      You know you're in trouble if they ask (you) for dating advice!

      It means they don't consider your outing/activity together be a "date".

      If you've had a great night talking, laughing, and holding hands while walking then I suggest leaning in for a kiss good-night at the end.

      Whether she kisses back or turns her head she'll know you have a romantic interest in her. Young guys in particular are prone to approaching women "cowardly" because they fear rejection. They prefer to hide their intentions.

      A fast rejection beats wasting time and emotion that is not in the cards!

      Some have said a woman knows within the first 30 seconds of meeting a man whether she would sleep with him or not.

      Others have said a woman knows within the first 30 seconds of meeting a man she will NOT sleep with him.

      Either way the first impression is very important!

      Whether you become "friends" or start off immediately dating it's going to take time to determine just how meaningful the relationship will become.

      One man's opinion!:)