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Dating after 50 in the World of Reality Television

Updated on September 28, 2014

The Unreal World of Online Dating

Online dating has changed drastically. It seems most the men and women navigating the online dating black hole have all but forgotten life is not reality television. Perfect bodies, hair, personalities, and smiles are not part of the real world. It seems many seeking to find lifelong partnerships have succumbed to reality television’s fallacy. The Bachelor, the Bachelorette, or the Real Housewives of (choose a city), is not how real people live. These shows are aired to make money through advertisers’ dollars. Look at all the destroyed relationships resulted from such reality shows. Get real!

Online Dating and Men After 40

You would think that 30-somethings and younger were guilty of these bad behaviors. That is an incorrect assumption. Older men and women well past the age of 40 are most guilty. These individuals should know better. However, these so-called mature adults have led the way to the denigration of interpersonal communication. Text messaging, social media, television, YouTube videos, and such have all but ruined real communication. The 140-character restriction of Twitter and the destroyed grammar of text messengers, there is no wonder single people remain frustrated and SINGLE! For those 40 and older, the use of these technological wonders is killing your love potential. Instead of being useful tools, your misuse of these modes of communication have become silent relationship killers.

Online Dating Sites After 40

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Chivalry . . . What is THAT?

From personal experience, online dating has been frustrating and has caused me to question the dating pool, especially the pool of men over 40. I do get out and meet people in the real world. However, what I have witnessed in the online dating realm would shock most. Men sending me photos in hot pink doll clothing, their nether-regions, or writing sexually explicit emails is disappointing. Not only are these men pitiful; but many struggle to grasp reality. Have they totally forgotten how to court a woman?

Meeting some in person has been a major disappointment. Some want to physically touch, kiss, or offer an invitation to their bed. This is within an hour of meeting. If they don’t make such an offer, many just don’t communicate well. It’s confusing because many seem to have a lot to say behind their computer screens. Sadly, when meeting in person, their communication is lacking.

There is HOPE in Online Dating

I have not given up hope in men and women and online dating. I have several dear friends who met their husbands and wives online. Love is possible via online dating. We must be realistic. Online dating should never be the only means of meeting people. There are so many ways to meet in the real world. Groups such as, Yahoo Groups, etc. can bring you out of your funk if online dating has become a drag on your confidence. Cast your net wide. Get out and volunteer. Use your talents and abilities to brighten the lives of others. Someone is out there hoping to meet you. Patience is a virtue most are not willing to accept. However, anything instant isn’t as good as that which takes time to cultivate.

Online Dating Success after 40

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