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Dating and miscommunication and or the lack thereof

Updated on June 6, 2016

I had a great conversation got me to thinking about relationships and what they really mean to us (both parties involved) if you're not in sync with the other person are you really headed down the same path? How long will you wait for someone to meet you whereas at some point you're traveling down the same road instead of meeting at the crossroads and then deciding if you're headed in another direction?

As women and men we should require that when being involved in any type of relationship whether it be friends with benefits, a relationship with no strings attached, or just friends but taking it slow because you like him and he likes you that we have a clear understanding up front on what we mean to our mates and how being in that kind of relationship makes us feel.

Is communication that far off when it comes down to respecting yourself enough to know where you stand and not just in it for the ride until you become a priority in his/her life. When we don't set standards in the beginning and become ok with just the other party giving us what they want but not voicing our opinions on what we want and or how what they want makes us feel then we're already headed down a different path.

If a man and or woman states to you that they like you but they want to take it slow before there was even a start of a relationship in meaning dating how long would you wait for them to want to take it to the next level? If the feelings of "like" are mutual then there's emotions involved and in the end someone's feelings will be hurt if there is no clear understanding of what your relationship means.

In the beginning we give off certain signals and its the responsibility of the other person on whether or not they want to acknowledge them. Watching "Couples Therapy" I related to DMX when he made the statement that he was 100 in the beginning. Letting his wife know who he was and what he was about it was up to her to say yes or no I'm willing to partake in this type of relationship.

Isn't that all we could ever ask for? The truth from the very beginning whereas we can make up our minds about the situation before we allow our time and energy to be spent on someone not worth a second of it. I can only respect honesty and up front standards regardless if its full of bull or not. In the end its up to you to decide is this worth my time? Do I mind waiting around for this person to meet me at the crossroads and know that they are planning on going in the same direction?


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