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Dating on a Budget

Updated on March 30, 2011

Dating on a budget isn't always an easy thing to do. Many of the traditional dating ideas are expensive. Dinner and a movie can cost an arm, a leg, and your first born child. Whether you are a brand new couple, or a married couple well seasoned in your relationship, dating is important. You can find great ways to have great dates, without spending an arm, or a leg, or your first born child.

Dinner and a Movie

Dinner and a movie can be even more rewarding in the comforts of your own home.

Dinner-Get out a fancy recipe that you or your significant other have never made. Together do the shopping, the preparing of the meal, and the eating. Eat by candle light. Include fancy drinks (non-alcoholic if under age). You can then clean up after yourselves (together) or save it for morning.

Movie-Get something you have never seen before, or something you both have seen a million times. Cuddle on the couch together. Be close and enjoy each other's company.

Go for a Walk

Many people look down on going for a walk. After all, it doesn't sound fun. However, walking and talking can be a great deal of fun. Work on visiting all the parks in your city and maybe even the surrounding area. Enjoy being outdoors and holding hands. Talk about everything under the sun.

Playing Games

No one said you were too old to play games. Get out some of your favorites and enjoy playing them. You can include card games, board games, and even computer or game console games. Have fun trying to defeat each other.


Having a picnic is still as fun as it was when you were younger. If you have never been on a picnic now is a great time to try it out. You can pack up a tasty meal of chicken and potato salad, or even something as simple as sandwiches. Go to the park, outdoors somewhere, or by a lake and enjoy a great picnic.

Visit the Museum or the Library Together

While not a great option for every date, you can visit art galleries, the museums, and the libraries together. You can have a lot of fun checking out new places or old ones together.

Window Shopping

Sometimes window shopping can be a lot of fun. Talk about things you like, dislike, would like to own, and would hate owning. You can go to a department store, a store you have never been into, or the mall.

Swimming, Tennis, or Basketball

Swimming, tennis, and basketball are some low cost options. You can go swimming free if there is a lake near by or for a few dollars at the pool. Tennis and basketball are both low cost options for some sports. Even if you have never done it before it can be a lot of fun to laugh at each other, to work toward a new skill, and to enjoy being outside together. Other options include a frisbee (which really can be fun), or a baseball or football to toss.

Bowling and PutPut

Bowling and PutPut golfing can be a lot of fun. Each is only a few dollars and can be something you talk about a lot. This can make for a special trip. You don't have to do this one regularly since it does cost money, but it is a nice change of pace and fun to try.

Cheap Dates: Fun, Creative, and Romantic Dates That Won't Break Your Budget
Cheap Dates: Fun, Creative, and Romantic Dates That Won't Break Your Budget

Need more ideas? A few dollars can get you book with lots more ideas. The more you have on your list of possibilities the more fun you will be able to have. Dates are about getting to know each other, staying in touch, and relaxing together. Whether you are just meeting now or have been married for years, now is the time to have some great, inexpensive dates!


Dating on a budget doesn't have to be hard to do. It doesn't have to be expensive or boring. You can get creative and have a lot of fun. Or you can stick with tried and true. It isn't hard to have fun with someone you enjoy being around. Just explore things you might enjoy doing or trying and find out what you like to do together.


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