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Dating online continued (Is it wrong)

Updated on January 3, 2013

Well I am beginning to feel it is just forced

Ended up asking a good friend of mine if he wants to move in. Why? We get along so great. I do not know what this would lead to. Probably nothing. Lol. I like him as a friend but we are so argumentative at times.

My question is is it all forced/ Why can't it just happen naturally like high school days when guys asked you out or went through friends and told you they liked you. Why the let's start out as friends, meet, move in, get married? It does not work that way.

You used to just ask someone for their # if you had a liking to them. Or you would ask them out or become good friends and let them know you were interested but now it is just not working. I feel it is a big farce and you won't meet Mr. Right that way. Maybe joining a club, church, meeting in person would work out better.

I guess it will happen naturally if it does happen.


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