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Dating tips: Why you should compliment women

Updated on January 1, 2016

#1 Women love compliments

This is the most obvious thing ever, women love being complemented in a NICE way about their looks which makes them feel even better since most woman, not all like to be cute or look good and of course they always love a good compliment. BUT you have to think about what you're going to say and make sure you're using the right words.

Also don't be shy, if you give them a nice compliment they won't do any harm to you, instead they might be nicer to you!

#2 It won't hurt anyone

Alright, as long as you're in fact single and don't have a girlfriend then you can compliment any woman you want, people feel better with compliments and most of the time women will give you a positive reply. This doesn't mean that they won't tell you anything mean, this is just generally speaking so there are rare cases where women don't like to get any compliments but, don't be afraid to compliment them too, at least you are letting them know that they look good, maybe they're nice people. So, like I said, if you're single go ahead and compliment women, if not then be careful with what you're doing.

#3 Women might like you

This is kind of a benefit, most people like to be around someone that will compliment them in a nice way, don't do it all the time either, try to decide how many compliments you're going to give every day and to who you're planning to give them, if you give compliments to anyone all the time, then your compliments are not gonna be worth that much, this might also be a little cold, but you need to keep a limit on everything, this also includes compliments.

#4 You may get some respect

Alright, this might or might not happen but when people see that you're being nice to women and showing them respect when you compliment them, you have to take in mind that you have to take the response of the people that you're giving a compliment to nicely, if they act mean towards you and you do the same thing, then you're probably not going to get any respect. But if they act in a mean way then the best thing for you to do is to shake it off and say "Alright, have a nice day" or something like that. You don't want to act in a mean way towards women, this could cause your reputation whether you're making one or have one already, it will take a turn for the worst or for the better depending on how you react to the woman you're giving a compliment to.

#5 It will make it easier for you to get a partner

This is something really simple, once women start liking you if you're not interested in them then it doesn't matter if they put you in the friend zone but let's say you have never complimented a woman that you really like. If you want to get this woman then you're gonna have to step your game up. You basically have only 30 seconds while she decides whether or not you get a chance. First impressions are everything! (Most of the time). In the case that you show your interest in her. If she asks any of her friends that also know you and even if it is only one of them, then you have a good reputation and your chances to go out with her are even higher. The rest depends on you!

#6 You will be easier to approach

Well complimenting women has mostly nothing but benefits, another benefit of complimenting women is the simple fact that you will be easier to aproach by both women and men since you have built a reputation for giving NICE compliments to women so what might happen is that someone wants to talk to you then your reputation might make them think "Well this guy likes to compliment women so I guess he'll be a nice guy" Because honestly what can go wrong when you compliment women!? the worst things are that either they reject your compliment or men just get jealous of you (Well the second thing is not a bad thing in my point of view!). A whole reputation is built around the people that like to do nice things and one of those nice things is giving compliments because if you give NICE compliments then people will relate those compliments to the way you are.

#7 You'll make even more friends

Well you don't need to be a genius to know that people love men that compliment women and this gives you a great advantage since people might approach to you even more than before. Once they start approaching then you can start making new friends. You still have to decide whether they're your friends because of you of because they want the benefits of being your friends. This might be rare but it does happen, but remember don't think everyone is the same Just be outgoing and nice all the time and it won't go bad for you (generally speaking of course).

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    • profile imageAUTHOR

      Abelardo Lara 

      3 years ago

      Alright nice lady, did you took your time to read the comments too? I mean if you're in your capsule and believe we're only complimenting women about their looks then go ahead and believe it that way. I literally only mentioned looks twice, one time at the start and one right now.

      Please go over the article again and point it out for me, when am I saying "Oh yeah, just compliment women for their looks"? I said "NICE way about their looks" I say your confusion right there but no one is 100% perfect. I may have gotten that small part wrong and forgot to add every single little thing every single woman in this planet wants then please god forgive me!

      If you don't like getting complimented by a random guy who would go out of his way to tell you something cute (not telling you anything sexual so you don't get mad with this statement) And you see it as creepy then what in the world? Compliments are something called confidence boosters. This is why men should be encouraged to compliment all women but if women doesn't like it then BS leave them alone.

      By the way, men will compliment women in what in the world they want, i compliment my girlfriend about her looks at lot since she works hard on it and just to made clear, this article came from the top of my mind that's why I only added that.

      Sorry if I sound rude but once someone whines about anything when the article is looking for something good, it pisses me the hell out.

    • Michaela Osiecki profile image


      3 years ago from USA

      Compliment women about more than just her looks - we're not just dolls you know, there's so much more to us. Compliment a woman about her passion for a cause she feels strongly about, compliment her taste in music/literature/films/etc, be impressed with how smart or witty she is.

      You should never make a random comment about a person's appearance if you don't know them, though. This goes for both men and women. I find it VERY CREEPY when a random guy pays me a compliment regarding my looks.

    • profile imageAUTHOR

      Abelardo Lara 

      3 years ago

      Well you've got it right, they should be complimented for that and there are also tons of other reasons to compliment women. These are just some examples to encourage men or people in general (gender doesn't matter). But remember not only women raise the child (in most cases of course). But yeah in general there are tons of reasons of why people should compliment women but this post is mostly for dating tips.

      No hate by the way, I love women. I find tons of reasons to compliment my girlfriend so in general women should be complimented for tons of reasons like I said before.

    • iggy7117 profile image


      3 years ago from New Jersey

      These are just a few, I think they should be complimented because they are beautiful and take time to look good for us, Because they can give birth and I would never want to go through that, they raise the child and that takes all king of patience. They are smart and should be told.


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