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Dating, where to and where not to take potential date

Updated on December 3, 2014

Ok, so we have a friend that we think could turn into more than just a friend. First, if we haven’t asked or been asked we need to do so. I suggest finding something both parties find interesting and suggesting that you all should go to the event, place or location of your choosing. Then you want to suggest this in a confident way. Say something along the lines of “hey you know _____ is in town this weekend/day you should join me in going since you love them as much as i do”, ” hey I’m stealing you to go to ____ this weekend.” or “I’m stealing you for the night wear ____ and ____ ” (this one adds mystery). The key is confidence, you want this to seems as if its the greatest thing along since frozen pizza.

Alright we have our potential date and we need a place to take them. where to you ask ?

Good dates

Good dates: Are dates that are exciting, adventurous, unexpected and spontaneous. Good dates can and do start in one location then advance into new and exciting places which may include the bedroom if done correctly with enough effort and skill. There are hundreds of potentially great dates but you should find out what a persons interest are so you can determine an ideal great date for them. No two people are exactly the same, nor should two dates be in the same location or place.



Hiking ( great if the other person is into outdoors and nature you get to experience nature with someone else who also loves it. it gives the added benefit of walks with potential for close quarters cuddling due to the chilly night temperatures )



Walks ( believe or not a walk is great because you all are talking, moving, creating chemistry, its healthy and the other person gets a chance to see you aren't a couch potato )

Concerts & Shows

Concerts & Shows

Concerts & Shows ( especially comedy, everyone enjoys a good laugh. )

Theme & Amusement parks

Theme & Amusement parks

Theme & Amusement parks ( you all will be close on rides, you get to laugh, explore and get to know each other some more, talk about the rides )

Pick Nicks

Pick nicks

Pick nicks ( are a great idea if you know the basics of cooking, and if not you can always ask them their favorite sandwiches and have them to help out in the kitchen. this allows you to get to know them better while they get the benefit of learning that you know how to cook and they interacted with you in the process of selecting what to bring on the pick nick. )

Quick coffee date

Quick date

A quick cup of coffee or tea ( this one is good if you have no idea if you will like the person enough for an official date, its good to arrange another date since you could say wow, i wish we could talk longer id like to see you again when are you free? or to bail if its going poorly as its much easier to finish just a coffee than a whole meal making an excuse saying you need to head back to work or you need to finish some things at home )

Bad dates

Bad dates: these dates are just bad for the lack of a better term... They are cliche and overused. you cannot be spontaneous and surprising at dinner unless its for all the wrong reasons. These dates are not intriguing or intuitive, they are expected and mundane. These dates are acceptable after you all are officially dating but they should not be the defacto go to dates.

Dinner date

Dinner dates

Dinner ( you or your partner may be self conscious of how you eat, this is common and expected.)

Movie theater

Move theater

Movie theater ( it is dark, can be a bit awkward if a sex scene comes up, you all are not getting to know each other since you are watching a screen instead of each other, also common.)

Clubs & Bars

Clubs & Bars

Clubs & Bars ( this date is bad due to the fact of the extremely loud music making communication difficult. multiple single people will attempt to swoop them away and to be with them which could very well happen if you go to a club or bar on your first date )

Double dates

Double dates

  • Double dates ( these are bad idea in general unless you all have been together for quite a while, they put stress on both couples to compete with each other whether we realize it or not. Ever heard one couple saying cute things to each other and then feeling compelled you had to top it by being pressured to do so? yea not fun. or if the other couple gets into an argument, it makes the event much less enjoyable for everyone. and if this happened at dinner it will be the quietest dinner you’ve ever had. )

Family & Arranged dates

Family dates

Family Dates ( pressure of not only getting to know the other person but their family as well. this will add pressure on both sides especially if its been arranged by their family, lets face it we all have someone in our family who is over bearing and protective.. now what happens when that overbearing person meets a new threat wanting to steal their loved one away? bottom line this one could not only ruin the date but your health plan as well. never meet their family on the first date. )


All in all, you want to be creative and insightful. You dont want the date to seem like a date, you want it to seem like its just two friend having fun together getting to know each other better. you should avoid the bad dates listed above due to them being either, hostile, interrogative, awkward or too common. Any activity can be considered a date as long as the two of you are together, alone and enjoying each others company.

Ever had a great first date? Or a memorable first date ? Or a dreadful first date? If so comment below and tell us about what made it so great or so bad...

I look forward to hearing about them.

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