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How to Deepen Your Voice

Updated on January 26, 2011

Everyone has their fetish. Some are more varied than others, mine happen to be fairly specific. I look for 3 major things in a man, and a sexy voice is one of them. Fortunately, this is one of the few things any man can have if he's willing to make an effort. No, not a big effort - a rather small one, actually. We're talking 15 minutes a day for 3 weeks, give or take. Sound like a hassle? It isn't. Sound silly? It isn't. And hey, it's not like you have to tell anyone you're doing it. You can skip that and just tell your friends about the chicks drooling over you.

Think I'm kidding?

Don't underestimate the sex appeal of a man's voice. It can make an average man hawt. Clooney hot. And that's not an exaggeration. I once dated someone purely because the sound of his voice turned me on more than anything I'd ever experienced. I still get chills when I think about it. You can have that, too. As a professional singer who has taught a number of people how to sing, I promise you can deepen your voice substantially if you try. I'm not talking about Barry White, or anything. It may have been sexy on him, but I'd giggle if I ever met anyone with that kind of voice. So don't worry, I'm only talking about dropping down a few notes. You don't even have to do "real" vocal exercises. All you need to do is practice speaking in a lower range.

Clive Owen has one of the sexiest voices in film.
Clive Owen has one of the sexiest voices in film.

For example, recite the alphabet in your regular voice. Slowly. Don't rush through it. Say each letter fully and completely. When you're done, say it again, but drop down one note. Repeat the process a few times. If you want to keep going, drop down another note, and repeat that a few times. The idea is to eventually be able to drop down to your lowest note possible. Once you've reached your lowest notes, that will make the few just above it seem relatively easy and comfortable. That means they won't feel, or sound, forced when you use them. Let me rephrase - I don't want you to use that lowest note in a public setting. Or even a private one. So don't panic on me, here. It's just a method to limber up your vocal chords. Once they are trained to be able to go that low, everything else will be a piece of cake. Ready to try it?

6 tips to keep in mind while practicing for those 3 weeks:

  1. Speak slowly -- The more time you spend on each letter, the more exercise your voice gets.

  2. Speak softly -- Not a whisper, mind you. But don't *push* it. That will not make it happen faster and could possibly hinder your efforts.

  3. Do it every day -- (Every day during the three weeks - not every day for the rest of whatever!) 15 minutes is not a lot of time, so don't be lazy. You can do this while you're in the shower.

  4. Don't talk through your nose -- There is a slight tendency for people to do this when developing this part of their voice. It will make you sound like you have a cold. Not sexy.

  5. Exhale slowly while you are speaking -- Learning to do this will give you excellent control over your voice. Many people working on their voice have a tendency to hold their breath when speaking. It doesn't sound natural. Make sure you don't do this.

  6. Don't underestimate the power of speaking softly -- There is a special groove located between speaking quietly and whispering - find that spot and your woman will turn to mush.

Actors, singers, commercial voice over artists, etc - apart from a rare few - were not born with sex appeal oozing from their voices. They worked on it. Just like I worked on mine. Work on it enough, it becomes second nature. It becomes your *real* voice. What can a deeper, sexier voice do for you? A man with a sexy voice can command a room with one sentence. He gets respect. He gets admiration. And if that isn't enough for you, he gets women.

xx Isabella


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