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Top 5 Sexiest Movies

Updated on January 26, 2011

Do not underestimate the romance factor of a quiet night in. Going out to a nice restaurant is always good fun, but a full tummy doesn’t exactly make a woman feel sexy. Nor does indigestion, aching feet, or any other calamity she might experience while out. Going to a bar might get the blood flowing, and a few drinks might make her frisky, but by the time you get back to her place, her head could be spinning for all the wrong reasons. Which means she’ll be eager to get into bed – without you.

If you really want to get your woman in the mood, invite her over to watch a DVD. This removes loads of the usual dating pressures by keeping it subtle. You don’t need to do anything special in terms of decorating, something low-key will be fine. The whole point of this article is to let the movies work for you. And, unless your woman is a very cold fish, they will.

Don’t worry, I’m not recommending Pride & Predjudice here.

I could surely drool over Matthew Macfadyen for a few hours, but I wouldn’t expect a straight man to do the same. I’d kind of prefer you not want to, either. But that’s another article for another time. What we have here are movies the both of you will enjoy. They are drama, action and romance combined, and I chose them for this reason. How will they work for you? Well, to start, watching a good thriller will get your girl excited on many levels. The idea is to keep her interested and draw her into the story.

As she gets more involved and the stories get more on-the-edge-of-your-seat, things will start working in your favor.

Why not just get a horror film? Because the sex tends to be very lame in horror flicks. How? Simple. You probably already know that horror films make a woman instinctively want to get closer to the man sitting beside her – the same thing happens when a thriller starts to get good.

What we want, are quality films.

She won't be flat-out scared, but she'll have that "uh-oh, what's going to happen next" feeling, which will probably make her want to sidle up to a big, strong man. Moving closer to you under these circumstances will feel natural to her. If she doesn’t move closer, you can inch toward her – but be slickabout it. And don’t ask her if she’s afraid, that might break the mood. Once you’re in close proximity, slowly let yourself get closer until some part of you touches her. Ahem - Don’t misinterpret that, cowboy! I’m talking arm to arm, shoulder to shoulder, leg to leg, something like this.

If she doesn’t want to get close to you, take a hint and don't pressure her.

It doesn’t mean she doesn’t find you attractive – if she didn’t find you attractive, she probably wouldn’t be at your place to begin with. But she might be nervous. And that’s fine, the movie can still get her in the mood if you aren’t sitting on the same sofa cushion. How? Each of these movies have very erotic but highly romantic love scenes. This means the film should not make her uncomfortable, the way gratuitous sex scenes (like those in horror flicks) might do. These movies have a real story taking place between the lead man and woman. Which means by the time they get around to making magic, your woman will already be primed for it. And probably most anxious for it, as well – both in film and in person.

The Movies:

  • Hot movie #1 – Blade Runner Harrison Ford, Sean Young. SCI-FI. Ford is a semi-retired cop whose job is to kill these AI robot-type people – of whom Young is one. Young is a new type of AI who actually believes she is human. Watch for the scene where he has her against the wall and makes her tell him to kiss her. Omigod, omigod, omigod!

  • Hot movie #2 – Sea of Love Al Pacino and Ellen Barkin. Pacino is a cop, Barkin is a murder suspect. They have serious chemistry in this film, y’all. I own this DVD and I can’t tell you how often I watch it. Twists, turns, romance, thrills. Very, very sexy film.

  • Hot movie #3 – Basic Instinct Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone. Douglas is a cop, Stone is a murder suspect. Hmm. Ok, slight déjà vu here, but very different stories, I promise! I am not a big Sharon Stone fan, but I like her in this film. The two have real chemistry and that's what matters most.

  • Hot movie #4 – Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon This one probably surprised you, huh. The main leads (Yun-Fat and Yeoh) have a heart wrenching love thing going on, but they aren’t the reason I’ve included this. You want this movie for the love scene between the Princess and the Hun who kidnaps her and takes her back to his cave for some sexy wrestling and magic making. I write that kind of story line for a living as an author and I have to say this scene is pure inspiration!

  • Hot movie #5 – 9 ½ weeks Mickey Rourke, Kim Basinger. He’s a stockbroker, she’s an art gallery owner. Is there anyone who hasn’t heard of this film? Probably not. But there are tons of generation X and Y’s who have not seen it. I love this film. Remember Rourke’s classic line? “Does that excite you?” By the time he asks this question your woman will be ready to answer!


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