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David's Story

Updated on March 2, 2015

Everyday we wake up and deal with it without second thought. We go to school and visit the bathroom to relieve our self with little hesitation. It's the middle of the day you head out to get a snack to help you get through the day. When someone catches your eyes. Your in class taking a survey. Male or female the question askes you? These are all examples of our sexuality. What is your sex male or female? For many of us that is an easy question to answer. We all know what our sex is right?

Well unfortunately there are some of us that are not sure what the answer is to that question. For instance the children born with ambiguous genitalia. They have both male and female genitals. They are not sure where they fit in this society. Similarly for many years David Reimer also didn't know where he fit in this world. But David story was different. He was born a normal heterosexual boy but at the age two after a botch circumcision he lost most of his penis and was raised as a girl.

I came upon the David Reimer story from the book:"As Nature Made Him. The Boy Who Was Raised As A Girl." It was written by John Colapinto. As I read the book my heart was filled with anger and resentment. I mean David Reimer had a very hard life. The kids teased him relentlessly because he didn't fit in. He was too rough for the girls. Also the boys didn't want anything to do with him because he was a "girl." I remember being a kid and having a strong need to belong and be accepted. I try to put my self in David shoes and I feel his pain of not belonging. School was not the only place that David felt he didn't belong. He also felt he didn't belong in the sex force upon him at home with his family.

David Reimer's family were also suffering. For instance his father Ron and mother Janet had guilt in their heart because they felt they made the wrong decision. Regarding changing the sex of their baby boy. They were constantly lying to their two sons. Likewise David's twin brother Brain had to choose between his "sister" or his "friends at the school they both attended." His friends did not like David because they thought he was weird. In the end he chooses to have friends.Which he felt a great amount of guilt throughout his life. All this suffering was created because of one mans need for his experiment to work at all cause. The man I'm referring to is Dr John Money.

John Money came up with the radical theory that all children are sexually nurtural until the age of two. That if their parents nurture their children to their desire sex. Nurture would trump nature. For example a boy could be a girl if nurtured properly. To me personally that sounds ridiculous. Nature will always trump nurture. Unfortunately for many years Moneys theory was used in a lot of surgeries for children with ambiguous genitalia. Instead of waiting for them to be old enough to decide what sex they want. They were assign a sex and forced to live with it. To me that sounds outrageous. I think about these poor children and what they must've gone through? It must've been really hard and confusing for them. My opinion is. It is obviously better to let them decide for themselves. It was obvious moneys sexual theory was wrong.

David's case proved that with devastating consequences. At the age of 38 David Rimer drove to a supermarket and shot himself in the head committing suicide. When I originally found out about David committing suicide. I was sad but not surprise. After all the heart ache he experienced in his life. One don't expect him to have a long happy life. I mean how long can you live with a broken heart? Because of all the doctor visits and him constantly being observe he felt like a broken man that couldn't be fix. In the end he took matters into his own hands. RIP David Reimer you will never be forgotten.

David at around 18 years of age.
David at around 18 years of age.
The three members of the Reimer family. Which thankfully became only two members.
The three members of the Reimer family. Which thankfully became only two members.
Back to his old self.
Back to his old self.
David as Brenda.
David as Brenda.


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