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Dealing With Someone Toxic

Updated on November 3, 2014

There are some people in the world known as frenemies. They act like your friend when they really are your enemy. They tell you things that they say will help you when all it is doing is hurting you. They are toxic people.

The sooner you get toxic people out of your life, the better off your life will be. All toxic people will do was fill your head with self doubt and lies. They will bring down your self esteem and make you feel worthless.

Toxic people can make you lose trust in people because they have betrayed you so many times. You could end up fighting with the people who really care about you because your mistrust of people is causing friction.

If someone toxic from your past tries to come back into your life do not let them. Of couse people come back and you have no control over what happens but you do have control of what you could do.

You have a choice of weather or not you want to spend time with this person. If you want to let them back in your life think about what they did in the past to you.

Did they call you names or throw away your friendship for a guy? Did they force you to change yourself and always make you unhappy? Did they report to you anytime someone said something negative about you?

Think about when something good happens to you are they happy for you? A true friend supports you and are excited when something great happens to you? If they say you are lucky or get jealous then they are your frenemy.

Do not take them calling you lucky lightly. They could do it because they are jealous of you and want what you have.

Think of how you feel when they are around. If they make you cry more than smile then they are out to hurt you. A real friend cheers you up when you are sad and will not do anything to hurt you. When they tell you something it is because they have your best intrest at heart. Not all friends have your best intrest at heart. No matter what they say sometimes they are telling you things because in fact they do want to hurt you and not help you.

Think about if they cancel plans. If they have a legit reason or it is once in awhile it is one thing. If they do it over and over again than that is something else. If they especially cancel plans with you over a guy or because something better came up than that is not a friend. A good friend could make time for both the guy she loves and her best friend.

If you feel alone in the world and they turn on you that is one big red flag. If they point out your flaws that is not a friend either. Everyone in the world has good and bad in them. Good friends focus on your good qualiaites and accept you for who you are, flaws and all.

If your friend aways goes against you they are not your friend. A true friend sticks up for you when someone is hurting you and is there for you through thick and thin. A true friend gives you encouragment when you are sad.

If they did than these are not people that you should want to be around. If they try adding you on Facebook after so many years think about it.

Are they adding you because they want to get back in touch? or are they simply adding you because they want to know your personal information and then they could gossip about you?

People do not change. If they hurt you in the past they will hurt you again. Do not be set up to be hurt again.

A true friend makes you smile and not makes you frown. A true friend is there for you through thick and thin. So this is your time to be brave, put this person in the past and move on to positive people who do appreciate you and would never want to hurt you.

Have you ever had toxic people in your life?

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