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Dealing with Pressure

Updated on April 6, 2015

Some people put pressure on other people. They look at people's job status or relationship status and start to make comments. They start to tell peope how they should live their life.

Some parents make judgments on their children. They tell their child where to go to college and what career to have down the line. They get mad if their child wants to do something else than follow their footsteps.

If you are being judged and it is starting to bother you tell the other person how you feel. Do not give up on your dreams just because they want you to be something else. If you want to work in the media and they want you being a nurse or have a different career do not do it. Sure today's economy is bad but you are the one who is risking your happiness for someone else's approval. If you do something else just to make someone else happy, you will never be happy. You being happy is more important than doing something to make someone else happy. So be selfish and put your wants and needs first.

If you are pressuring someone else stop. How would you like it if someone told you how to live your life? Each person is different and each person has different dreams. If they want to be a lawyer and you feel that it is to hard for them let them go for it. They could always find something different later in life. No one knows how hard something is or what they could achieve if they o not try. So stop trying to control their life. Do not make them go after something they do not want and that they are not good at. Give them time to get to know themselves and follow their bliss. As long as the person is not doing anything bad, then leave them alone and let them live their life.

There is nothing wrong with being single. When you are single you get to experience different guys and know what you want in a relationship. Not everyone gets married at 26. Do not jump into a relationship just to shut people up. Get to know yourself, date other guys and when the time is right you will be in a relationship again.

If you have feelings for someone but he is not a doctor or a lawyer do not let that bother you. It is how he treats you that matters. If he treats you good that is all that you need. Besides you do not know what his career down the line will be. The economy is bad and everyone is taking what they could get.

Do not put pressure on someone to date a certain guy. Everyone has their own prefrences and what they want in someone.

Do not try to gain other people's approval. It is hard when other people are telling you how to live your life. You get upset and start to get anxiety. It is not worth it. Just because they think that you should live your life a certain way does not mean that you have to. God put your dreams in your heart for a reason.

God knows where you are right now and he has a plan for you. At the right time he will bring your dreams to pass. At the right time he will make you meet your special mate. Everything will come together, just have faith.

People who try to control your life and tell you how to live your life are toxic people. True people will give you room to make your own decisions. After all you are the only one who knows what is best for you.

Do not try to control other people's life. Let them live the life that they want. If they are single do not act like it is a crime. Encourage them to meet someone or give them tips if they are looking for that special person. If they have a certain dream encourage them to do it. Do not get in the way of someone else's dreams or make them feel that they have to give up on what their purpose in life is.

Have you ever felt that someone is trying to control your life?

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