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Dealing with a friend who has depression

Updated on August 14, 2012

Being a good friend is always being there for that other person. It is accepting that person no matter what they are going through. Having a friend who suffers from depression can be hard at times.

If you have a friend who has depression or other problems do not give up on that person but try to weight it out. Is the other person there for you? Do you have fun?

What you can do is try to get that other person help. If there problems are weighing you down then it might put a strain on the friendship. For instance you want to go out or want to laugh and that friend is holding you back.

It may be hard but think about it. No one is perfect but the more you around someone who has problems you might end up with problems as well. You could still be friends but sometimes you have to be friends from a distance.

Have you ever had a friend who had depression?

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