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Dealing With a One Night Stand: How To?

Updated on November 17, 2019
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Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 15 years.

How many of you have had a one night stand? Think about it long and hard before coming up with an answer. Be aware that not everyone is built to have a casual fling. There are still some hard core romantics that believe that love and intimacy still go together in this ridiculously fast paced world. The only problem with love is that it takes forever for it to happen to someone, which is why one night stands happen.

Hollywood has depicted this concept on the big screen on more than one occasion, but it usually devolved into a thriller with consequences or an accidental love story of sorts. They don't usually look at the reality of the situation, because moviegoers tend to look for cinematic fluff than becoming voyeurs themselves in a way.

When it comes to understanding one night stands, it's easier said than done. Here are five things you need to follow and watch out for if you're about to bark on a one night stand of your own. Read on to decipher the reality of the concept before inputting any judgment on people who partake in this brief fling of a romance.

Make sure it's what both parties involved want-

When it comes to one night stands, it allowed usually responsible people to do something out of character. They can be the star of their own skin flick in a way without any sense of entitlement. It gives the chance for two random people to briefly connect before disappearing into the night. One night stands are really considered to be a relationship speed bump before getting to the real thing. Think of them as test driving a car before putting down a payment or any real long term mileage on the vehicle. Both of you should have a brief and concise discuss about the terms of this one night stand, so that there are no false expectations once it is over.

Making a proper exit before things get potentially serious-

One night stands aren't for everyone because some believe that physical intimacy isn't like a disposable wipe. When someone experiences one for the first time, a sense of awkwardness envelopes them. They don't know what to do next, because physical encounters always carried a level of importance in a way. You start to ask yourself some rapid fire questions as you're getting dressed the next morning. How do I avoid any long term commitments once the hook-up is done? Should I leave things with a definite end or an open ended one?

Honestly, it's hard to real say what the right answer is because it really depends on the situation, or hook-up, itself. Your current bed partner could either be looking for a soul mate or a quiet exit. Gauge their interest before making the next move. Depending on the person, you can try to be upfront with them from the beginnings that this hook-up can't be a permanent thing. That's not always a recommended suggestion to take due to the fact that you partner might not like the idea of being treated like a 24 hour bug. The other option would to keep them in the dark about your ulterior motives, but that never ends well for either party.

Discuss the terms before embarking on any adventure-

Ultimately, the best way to deal with a one night stand is not to have a plan. Flings are meant to be fun and impulsive. This is no different, except the fling has a 24 hour expiration date on it. Have fun responsibly of course and move on once it's over. No one likes it when you stay longer at a party than you really have to.

Always act responsibly for the sake of your future outside of this encounter-

Of course, not every party is meant to go into with complete blind faith in someone, even if you know the person. Be careful before partaking in one for starters. Make sure your potential lover hasn't taken a trip to crazy town or isn't carrying a disease. Try to be safe even when you're having an impulsive adventure.

Don't get too attached-

Realize that not every romantic encounter was going to turn into a full blown Cinderella type love affair. Sometimes, it was literally about just getting physical with someone for one wild night before moving onto bigger and bigger things. It's not the fault of anyone involved at all. If it was meant to be, it would happen. If it didn't, accept that and move on with life. No need to hold onto something that had a short shelf life. Lust and love sometimes went hand in hand with one of them taking over occasionally. In this case, lust often won out.

In the end, one night stands are a fact of life. Okay, not as often as many would think because it resembled something out of your favorite daytime or nighttime soap opera. Admit it. You love to watch the beautiful people of Hollywood behave badly and blackmail each other when someone stumbled upon one of those inglorious moments. Now, that made for some great television. In terms of real life situations, those reckless moments could either make or break a politician's political career. They were usually the ones who partook in those reckless moments just before an election, or re-election, was about to take place.

In this day and age, love sometimes took a backseat to giving into some animal impulses. Those thoughts about our attractive boss at the office, or a sexy coworker not looking to make a commitment. Occasionally, their encounters could turn into something more. It wasn't just a Hollywood myth; although rare as it may seem. These types of flings had a short term expiration date that never lasted past what that particular date was supposed to be. Don't have any false expectations of what the future holds if you decide to have a one night stand. Go with the flow, but please be careful if and when you do so.

How do make a relationship last if you only want to be with that person for the night?
How do make a relationship last if you only want to be with that person for the night?

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