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Dear Ex

Updated on March 15, 2016

Dear Ex,

Who you are turned out to be something I needed. Not necessarily something I couldn't live without, but something I will be eternally grateful for. Who I grew to know you as formed me into who I am today. Who you are is nothing like him. You made me see him as he had always deserved to be seen. He was the good that came out of your bad.

You showed up like a wolf in sheep's clothes. I saw a wonderful man. I saw someone who would love me eventually and who would always be a great friend. To think I believed you valued me... You wound up being so twisted. We all are in a way. The inner depth of who we are is often never revealed to eyes that can't travel that deep to the soul. When trying to see it's as if those eyes are blind. On rare occasions the inner walls crack and begin to reveal while the wall simultaneously repairs itself. This is what happened to you. It was just a split second. There was something so dark in the words you said. It was the breaking point. Every piece fell together in that short moment. Your presence was not what I needed, it never was. It was always about the lesson I needed to learn and the transformation I needed to go through.

You eternally removed the blinders I had been wearing so that I would see him. The one who would turn everything around and show me a love I'd never known. I find comfort in knowing he isn't like you. He is kind. I'm not waiting for him to love me, I already know he does. I don't worry if he'll leave, cause I know he's here to stay. He taught me that I could love without fear of being left. My heart has learned to be full because I can love completely and know I'm completely loved. While I never wish to be with you again, I'm thankful you taught me what love isn't so I could see it for what it is when it came along.You led me to the happily ever after I'd searched for without ever trying. I'm thankful you broke me so I could love him for every piece he mended.

© 2016 Kayla Campbell


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