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Dear God please watch over Bongi's shadow while it is on earth.

Updated on June 11, 2016

Dearest Bongiwe Tlailane.

Dear God, please watch over Bongiwe Tlailane's soul while it is on earth.

Dear God

Please be with my sister Bongiwe Tlailane

Keep her healthy.
Watch over her loved ones.
Be with her soul mate Baba Pheko, guide him, bless him, may all he desires prosper and may his legacy be preserved.

Be with his mum dad sisi Thlabi Brother Kalafoā€ˇ and precious son KG.

Be with her family.
And all those that have passed on.

Be with Bongis plans.
May Bongiwe dream the right dreams.

Be with Nkgwete may he continue to be brave, May he be diligent through out his life.

May your light father shine on Thembani " Baby Joyce Young Prof" may she be obedient to the teaching of her mum and dad.

May Bongi grow in her career.
May your protect her assets and home at all times.

May you nourish her dreams.
May you protect her.

Thank you for being the most loving loyal compassionate sister all my days on earth.

Thank you for having a kind compassionate heart.

In our Lord Jesus Name.

Lots of love Uncle Nathi


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