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Letter- Dear Pepe the Great

Updated on December 21, 2015

You are an enchanting light to a lost soul like me.

Even if you did not have a highly regarded lineage and a good family name, or money and fame, I would still be pulled towards you. I was not aware of any of these when I first got to know you.

It was your kind heart from the beginning that caught my attention.

I trusted you from the start and knew I would be safe with you.

You calm not only the storms from my ancient past but you also manage to destroy the demons I’ve been clashing with alone.

I felt like a handful of broken and powdered glass before I knew you, and now I am this weird, silly and crazy broken masterpiece slowly becoming whole as you accept and befriend me, scars and all.

You looked beyond my madness, lethargy and thoughtlessness and with your mellow and soothing words were able to bring me back to my sanity.

For the first time, You made me look forward to the fast-approaching new year.

I thank God every moment that I remember or think of you. I feel MORE grateful and blessed all the time despite the storms I have to go through every day to survive.

After all these wicked episodes in my life, I am still commendable, and maybe must have done something very good, to have a confidant, a shoulder to cry on, someone to lean on, and with whom I am not afraid to share my lunacy and follies.

Without a doubt, you are destined to greatness, and I would not have gone through all those unpleasant twinges and spoils if it wasn't meant to be. I have to be weathered and hardened before I deserve to be your devotee.

What have I really done to earn such a precious angel as you? My wings are clipped but I have you, and thank God, because now I can soar higher.

Life has no guarantees what will be in store for us, nor can I assume I will be a perfect aficionado, yet you JUMPED IN to this with me. Me, the crazy, mad, silly and weird disciple with whom you are willing to take risks in our designs and proposals…

You don’t know what a great miracle this is for me. You gave me wings to allow me to grow, improve and ascend.

No, you are not fixing me, but you are waiting there patiently while I fix myself.

All I can promise you now is that I will continue to be the UNCONDITIONAL aficionado who will support you always and in every way, as long as you want me too.

You are meant for greatness and to do something eminent because it is your heart that brings you there. That fragile, gentle, meek, and kind heart crafts your hands to turn everything you touch into gold and soon you will yield what you spread.

My heart cannot completely convey the appreciation I feel for you.

Continue to be a miracle to all the people you meet and you will pave more ways to your greatness!

To ACCF, for always, you will not only be the person above me, but you will be my guru, my angel, my protector, and the first reader of the odd and fanatical stories my bizarre mind can thread... My most cherished critic with my undying respect, and first and foremost my favorite person (my family aside) in the whole wide world!

Who is your favorite person in the whole wide world aside from a family member?

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    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 

      3 years ago from Queensland Australia

      Hello Honeyreyes. I also replied to your post in the other forum thread. I hoped my suggestion helped. This is a powerful devotion to Pepe the Great (whoever he may be). It seems to me that if you correct your English grammar and sentence structure that this hub should be featured. There is too much editing required for me to list it all here however, so as I suggested in reply to your forum post...please email me for further assistance. I do believe in helping new hubbers improve their writing and it helps improve the site overall. Good luck.


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