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Deception, Yes Means Yes and No Means No

Updated on January 4, 2010

Lie to me!

The question has been posed, "How to find out if someone is married". First of all if something seems "not right" or shady, it probably is just that. It goes along with going with your gut feelings. I am a police officer and I will tell some secrets of how I get to the bottom of my gut feelings.

Through my years of law enforcement I have come to enjoy deciding whether or not someone is telling fibs. This happens everyday at every traffic stop or call that I am involved with. When I have my suspicions about various things I start asking questions. I know that people are naturally nervous when someone with a badge is asking the questions and this may not be as effective for you, but you should try this if you think someone is trying to deceive you.

The questions I ask may have absolutely nothing to do with my suspicion, but there is a method to the madness. I ask certain yes or no questions of the person I am speaking to, questions I know they would have no reason to be deceitful with their answers. I observe their reactions and movements. I also observe their breathing patterns and eye contact, or lack of eye contact. These are the truthful actions.

When I gain their confidence and have them thinking I am a retard and have no clue what I am doing, I throw in a line of questioning having to do with my suspicions. If they are being deceptive they will act in a different manner.

The reactions may be very slight changes in breathing patterns such as faster breathing or you can visibly see their heart beating through their shirt. This happens when the poignant question is asked. For example in my case and scenario, "Do you have cocaine in this vehicle ?" Their facial expression will stay the same, but they will change their posture and they will make inordinate movements such as, a big stretching yawn or running their hand through their hair. They will break eye contact. Usually they don't break eye contact until the fib is being spoken, but all people react in different ways.

This is a brief tutorial to questioning someone you think may be fibbing. It works, and requires practice and a skill to feel people out and good recognition of deception. Surprise is a novices best weapon, use it wisely and hit them when their defenses are low.

Ask yes or no questions only and remember one very crucial rule, Yes means yes and no means no, anything else is in fact deception!

I think you'll be happy with the results of your fact finding. Though I fear, by reading your query, you may not be happy with the facts.


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    • A.C. Sylvester profile image

      A.C. Sylvester 8 years ago from Appleton, Wisconsin

      I love the idea that someone will break idea contact when they start to fib.... I'll definitely have to start paying attention to that.

      Good post with good information.


    • Ole Number One profile image

      Tim Hyde 8 years ago from Louisiana

      The only thing I can say about internet communication is this, don't believe anything unless you know it to be a fact. I heard that one from Neal Boortz on his radio show. It made total sense to me so I use it.

    • donotfear profile image

      donotfear 8 years ago from The Boondocks

      Wow, I'm so glad I found this article! I've learned a lot about watching body language over the years. Now, as a mental health professional, I've got to get even better. I still get scammed sometimes! Face to face is easiest to recognize the signals, for sure. But on the phone or behind the computer keyboard is another story. Any suggestions on recognizing signs of lying through this form of communication?