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Dedicated To My Love on Our Special Day!

Updated on August 5, 2015

Nobody can be perfect, but imperfections make you fall in love...

When you know why you like him or when you have the reason to love him, it’s definitely not love. But actually you are in love with the reasons which attract you or compel you to love him. According to me, love is when you don’t have a single reason or explanation of why you are in love with him. Love can never be defined; it is too big a term to be defined.

Love combines a countless feelings, sometimes you experience heaven and sometimes it’s worse than hell. But finally you are lucky enough to get love in life. One should respect and feel esteemed to be gifted with such bliss. Appreciate the love in your life; be thankful for what you have. Feel pleased to cherish your togetherness, capture the happy moments and make those special clicks eternal.

“Your smile makes my day”


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