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Define Love?

Updated on July 24, 2017

Define Love. What is it?

The term love can be defined in many ways. If you ask anybody, male or female, that question, some will say it’s a feeling, very strong feeling that you may have toward a person, place or thing.

Well, that is true to a certain extent. Love from my definition, is a strong feeling that occurs in your brain, matter of fact throughout your body toward whatever or whomever stirred those feelings or emotions up inside of you, regardless of your sex, gender or ethic background.

When you began to have those feelings, your body changes as well. Your hormones began to stir ot rise, your chemistry in your brain, as well as throughout your entire body starts to change as well.

We all feel love at some point in our lives, and it’s like an emotional high, it can take you up on a emotional roller-coaster, and it can bring you crashing down to the ground in flames as well.

I think that when you find that special person in your life that you have a connection to, there is not any other feeling in the world that I can imagine being any better.
We all may not want to admit it, but we are emotional beings, and we feed off of emotions, our own, and off of others that we love, dislike, etc.

Some people are afraid to fall in love, and rightly so, it can be exhilarating, and it can be devastating as well. Some people can put their love into the wrong things in their lives, such as inanimate objects, money, food, etc.

You have those who would do anything for love at best. You have some of those people in the world today that they would kill, steal, rob Peter to pay Paul. Love can also be very destructive behavior, if the person does not know how to manage his or her emotions at best.

Love has limitless boundaries, in a person’s life. If a person experienced hurt or pain, due to love, it is very difficult to get that person to desire to experience or trust another person in their life to invoke such passion or even allow them to lower their defenses to experience that emotion ever again in their life.

I believe love is a positive emotion, it must be treated with respect, yet the people who experience love or in a hap hazard fashion throw the word around not seriously understanding its’ power or implications, based on how it can affect another person’s life.

Just remember when you say you love a person, it is not a small word to use, it has a lot of power, and sometimes it takes a lot of courage for a person to admit that he or she loves a person, because sometimes we can be in denial of our feelings toward the person that senses that we may love him or her in our lives.

Just remember to treat love with the respect it requires, and respect the person that you are directing those emotions towards as well.

Also, before I close this hub page. I know this is true, based on life experiences. It is so much easier to love than it is to hate.


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