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Desperado & More

Updated on December 7, 2015

Winter weather creates a Desperado

blizzards make for desperate bedfellows.
blizzards make for desperate bedfellows. | Source


by A. Gagliardi

The frigid night releases Desperado
who slides between the sheets.
Ever-so-slowly she glides her toes
toward her lover who snores & sleeps.

The rise & fall of his sinewy chest
gives courage to her plan -
which is to snuggle ever-so-close
to the heat rolling off her man.

If her mission is successful
and temptation can be tamed;
frozen feet, ever-so-cold
will thaw and live again.

So, stealthily, silently slides her toe
in search of its chosen need.
While unsuspecting Romeo
lies in slumber’s sweet flower & weed.

Under the covers in darkness
Desperado surrounds her foe.
Both love and hate beguile her
as she tries not-too-far to go.

Those feet on that sightless journey
do find the prize they seek.
And ever-so-greedy they scurry
to the source of that slumbering heat.

A VOICE EVER-LOUD in the darkness
SHATTERS the still of the night.
Desperado’s frozen caresses
have given him such-of-a-fright !

. . . . ! . . .(pause). . . . ! . . . .

After a time there is slumber.
The oh!-so-frigid will go.
Once again he lies snoring & sleeping.
as he snuggles his Desperado.

Winter Warming Tips

What do you do to keep warm during the winter? Move to California? Stay inside from October through May? Keeping warm is a delima, and not for the faint of heart in Minnesota.

Here are some ideas for keeping warm during frigid Minnesota winters.

1. Drink a hot beverage: coffee, tea, cocoa, a hot toddy, muled cider, etc.

2. Exercise! Exercise does get your body temperature up, increases blood flow, so your extremites get warm and takes your mind off being cold.

3. Yoga or other meditative practices helps your mind focus and relieves your cold.

4. Bake something! Anything that goes in your oven will warm up your home and the anticipation of what ever you are smelling - warm bread, cookies, cakes, casseroles - will also help take your mind off being cold.

5. Put on a sweater. OK. I know you have one on - layer up. It is easy to add a layer over your regular clothing. I find myself 3 or 4 layers think some days during January: 1. they make silk long johns now. 2. turtlenecks and leggings are a light weight first layer, 3. corduroys or lined jeans keep me toasty on the bottom and any sweater will do on top. 4. add a fleece hoodie or jacket to be really toasty.

6. Afgans are the perfect accessory when you are reading a book on the couch or sitting at your computer.

7. Make love. Seriously. Intercourse creates heat. Enough said. :D

Winter Warm Poll

How do you stay warm during the winter?

See results

Comes Winter

by A. Gagliardi

Comes winter on thundering Stallion hooves,

announcing arrival with blizzardly chill;

rattling the windows; trampling the roofs.

Comes winter on silent Raven wings.

Darkest night hides its clawing nails,

scraping at my door; bearing frigid things.

Comes winter on roaring bear paws,

piercing the air with arctic breath

until the spring provides a thaw.


Frostbite defined: frostbite is the reduction of blood flow and oxygen to parts of the body - usually the extremities, resulting in freezing of tissue. It is literally, the freezing of the skin and underlying tissue. Frostbite usually occurs with prolonged exposure to the cold. The colder the temperature, the quicker one can get frostbite. Wind child plays an important role in how soon a person can get frostbite.

There are three degrees of injury: 1.) frostnip, 2.) superficial frostbite and 3.) deep frostbite.

With proper care, most people recover from frostbite. Of course, recovery is determined by how badly the tissue is damaged. If the frozen tissue dies, the affected areas (usually toes & fingers) will need to be amputated.

Symptoms of frostbite are: numbness, swelling, itching or burning, white patches of skin that remain numb, skin turns yellowish, waxy white or becomes blistered or blackened.

Treatment or care for frostbite:

Frostnip can be treated at home by warming the affected area. Use your own body heat or warm water - NOT HOT, to return warmth to the affected area.

Caution: Do not rub the affected area, as rubbing can damage skin. Do not heating pad, heat lamp or radiator/ fireplace, etc. as this may heat the tissue unevenly and cause damage, or may burn your skin.

Superficial or Deep Frostbite; Get medical help immediately. Get out of the cold and warm the affected area as you would frostnip, until you get to the hospital.

Winter's Cold

By A. Gagliardi

-seeps into my bones

long about October

snuggling down my spine

and into my joints

-doesn’t leave me

until new buds appear

on branches near

-hugs my neck

when I go out

makes me want to

cry and shout

-chases me under

heavy covers

of darkness

-invites me sip

hot beverages

all day and night

-has it’s hold

on me.

Winter Emergency Car Kit

When winter weather resides in your neck of the woods, it is best to be prepared. Be prepared for your car stalling or breaking down, be prepared to spend a few hours or overnight inside your car; and be prepared to not freeze while you are there.

Here are a few essentials to keep in your car for winter driving:

In the City:

1. Jumper cables

2. Spare tire and the tools you will need to change one.

3. Cell phone charger, preferably a hand cranked one that won't drain your car's battery.

4. LED flasher/ flares, a flashlight and duck tape. These items will prove extremely useful.

5. Hand and feet warmers - the ones you can open and use.

6. Extra set of socks and gloves

7. A Shovel and a tow rope will help you get out of a snowbank or ditch.

8. I always keep a small first aid kit in my car all year long, just in case of a small medical incident.

9. A bag of salt or kitty litter. First, it helps put weight on your car for traction, and if you are in an icy spot, will help your get out of that icy spot.

10. This should go without saying, but just in case - an ice scraper to clean your windows.

In the Country: All of the above articles, plus

11. A Warm blanket or two, preferably wool. If you are traveling to another state, a spare jacket or coat, warm boots are a way to meet those unexpected blizzards.

12. Something to eat and drink. Suggestions are: trail mix, nuts, or energy bars are packaged foods that will keep, and beverages you can store in the car, such as water in plastic bottles.

13. Windshield de-icer, just in case you need to see out the windows, this could be a life saver.

14. A road map of the area in which you are driving. When your GPA goes out, you will want to know where the nearest town is.

15. Wind up radio. Once your car dies and the radio goes out, a wind up radio will help you be entertained or will help you keep tabs on weather conditions.

16. Extra batteries for your flashlight and anything else you might use that needs batteries.

These items may make your day a bit easier in a short emergency and could save your life in the event you are stranded on some lonely road for a few hours or longer. "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."


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    • agaglia profile image

      agaglia 2 years ago


      Thank you. It is all about what I can put out there without compromising work for paying publications.

    • agaglia profile image

      agaglia 3 years ago

      Hi all, I added to this hub with two more poems and a few tips for those of you who might not live in frigid climes. Enjoy.

    • agaglia profile image

      agaglia 8 years ago

      This has always been one of my favorite poems. It tells a little story of how cold some women (me) get in the winter's chill. I am so lucky that my husband is a little furnace of heat, ready to melt my ice cold feet when I finally come to bed.


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