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Disney Wedding Planning-What to Consider?

Updated on March 21, 2012

Thinking about having a Disney Themed Wedding?

Walt Disney Wedding Packages. Photo courtesy of omster-com (
Walt Disney Wedding Packages. Photo courtesy of omster-com ( | Source

Disney Themed Wedding Dresses

OK-so you are planning the wedding of your dreams and obviously one of the most important things is to decide on the right dress. If you have decided you are going to have a Disney themed wedding then you will be (after going downtown to see what's on offer) scouring the net and the yellow pages for the best companies that offer Disney themed wedding dresses. Then of course there is the little matter of price. Are you able to afford to splash out or are you going to be mortgaged up to the hilt getting a dress that channels Ariel or Cinderella?

There are not a huge selection but fortunately there are some great companies that I have checked out that are on theme,that will cater for your tastes and have different price ranges to suit every budget. You can also search Ebay for dress deals like those by the accomplished designer Alfred Angelo (see below).

Disney Themed Wedding Invitations

One of the first things you need to consider is making your first impression with your guest via your Disney themed wedding invitations. You can get wedding invitations for your Bridal Shower with a Mickey or Minnie or Cinderella-type theme. I like a particular invitation which shows Cinderella © and Prince Charming within a heart surrounded by stars. It folds into four and the invitation and enclosure cards have a feathered edge. There are also ones which are on the theme of carriage rides and the famous mice.

So if you want to have Disney princess wedding invitations just follow the link at the end and look for more pointers on where to get your Disney themed wedding invitaions.

Disney Princess costumes for Littlies on Amazon

Wedding Shoes

If you've selected the right Disney princess wedding dress-or a dress that fits the princess you want to look like-you need to then check out the best deals and places to buy wedding shoes. There are some great deals currently on Amazon and a small selection is shown below. You definitely want to be comfortable walking down that aisle!

Wedding Locations

There are a number of great locations you could choose to host your wedding. If you buy an actual Disney wedding package you will have a wedding specialist to help you decide from a number of wedding packages to choose from. For example there is the Escape Wedding Collection package which is for an "intimate" type wedding with ten to eighteen guests. This themed wedding package includes wedding cake, flower displays for bride and groom, a champagne toast as well as a violinist and organ music. You can have this ceremony held at Disney's Wedding Gazebo, Disney's Wedding Pavilion or other locations like the themed Polynesian Resort.

Or you may opt to have the ceremony in a church and have the honeymoon at one of the wonderful Disney resorts. You choose the cost,the venue and the extent of the Disney theme you want for your wedding but having a wedding specialist will certainly help you create that special Disney themed wedding, if getting every detail on theme is your goal.

Find out More about Disney Themed Weddings

Disney Themed Weddings are becoming quite a popular niche in the weddings industry and you don't need to necessarily have the income of Prince Charming or drive a car like Ms De Ville to be able to afford one!

But you can splash out and there are a selection of Disney themed wedding packages including the option of being married on one of the superb Disney cruise ships.

For more information on what is available with regard to Disney themed wedding invitations,Disney themed wedding dresses and holidays at great Disney resorts visit Disney Wedding Planning Ideas.

Disney's Fairytale Weddings


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