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Divorce Greeting Cards ~ Hurdles Greetings

Updated on February 22, 2013

Divorce - Sometimes is Hard to Talk About

When a friend of mine was going through a Divorce a while back, I was wanting to celebrate with him in a way that I felt didn't happen very often - with a greeting card. He was not suffering with the news, it was a Joyous occasion as they were going through a huge battle at the time. He said there has never been a more exciting day in his life.

Because of this instance, I had said to myself, they should market greeting cards to ones going through this exact situation - Divorce! I could not find a card anywhere at the time, so in the end, I did just purchase a regular Congratulations card and improvised with adding in the words on the card.

With this, I made the decision to head off to the drawing board and make Divorce Greeting Cards a reality.

What to put on a Divorce Greeting Card?

When designing a Divorce Card, first question to myself was - what do I write? Well there is so many different emotions a person experiences when going through a Divorce, I guess I will just have to start with the first one - Happiness!!

Divorce? .... Finally!

Another common emotion is to finally be done with it. To finally say goodbye and move on in our lives. But sometimes you just need to say one last thing..

So Many Emotions

When seeing someone you care about going through a Divorce, it is always nice to know you will always be there for them. But sending a card, especially if you are far away, can make their day too! Life is too short to just grin it and bear it.

We all need to express how we are feeling and why we are feeling that way. Hurdles Greetings now gives you many options to send a card for all the "not" so great moments in life by, Overcoming Obstacles One Card at a Time!


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