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Updated on December 28, 2013

Dead Rings

Dead Rings
Dead Rings | Source



Awake with swollen eyes, contacts feel like glass.

Nightmares disturb sleep, when sleep comes alas.

Body weak with exhaustion, mind restless with doubt.

Rage fills my soul, seek again to be devout.

Changes made for happiness, yet seems selfish now.

Advised to simply take it, bare it with a bow.

Guilt gnaws the heart, pain inflicted on them.

I put them first, as what message did that send.

I dwell on wishes for karma, yet karma does not come.

Suffer sins of thy parents, from which they can not run.

Vengeance be the downfall, steals away all the joy.

Mistakes elude us not, harbour hate as a toy.

Time to seek the dreams, enlightenment does fall.

Questions come unanswered, cries out for the call.

Fight the peaceful spirit, ready not to conform.

When replies begin to come, evade memories reborn.

Struggles overwhelm, lost faith can not see.

Is He truly answering, does He have a plan for me?

No light within vision, devastation is abound.

Salvation for my children, from situation to be found.

Lost with no direction, found but yet still hidden.

New ground to be broken, hope in future still a given.

Seek stability, protection, yet still exposed.

Live in false pretense, portrayal of composed.

Alanis Morissette - You Oughta Know


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