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Divorce and Its Causes

Updated on July 3, 2013

Divorce and its Causes

Divorce is the termination of a marriage and disillusionment of bonds of matrimony between marriage partners. Though divorce laws are different in various countries, there is a requirement in most of the nations for a court sanction or a legal jurisdiction for a divorce to take place. Some of the legal processes in divorce matters may include issues such as: child custody, spousal support, property distribution, alimony, and or child support. Though there are circumstances where divorce may be unavoidable, there are some ramifications derived from it including: psychological problems, academic impact on the part of children and behavioral impact on the affected individuals.

In American Perspective, cases of divorce have been increasing from the early years of 20th century and in particular in 1970s. According to some analysts and commentators, the easing of laws relating to divorce in the country has greatly helped in basing marriages in individual choice and therefore, strengthening these marriages. However, these laws have done very little to offer these individuals the required skills in working out the inevitable challenges that usually emanate in marriages. When married people get divorced, it could turn out to be stressful for both of them and in particular their children if any. It is a fact that many people become very sad or psychologically affected after the dissolution of their marriage.

In accordance to an a “journal of enrichment on divorce rates” (2013), the rate of divorce in US for the first marriage is 42%, 60% for second marriages and 73% for third marriages. The journal also postulates that divorce rates are lower among people with children in comparison to their childless counterparts. According to some sociologists, childlessness also facilitates divorce among married couples. The sociologists also view that educated couples are less likely to divorce that their less educated counterparts.

A recent research conducted by the University of Creighton Center for Family and Marriages found among other factors leading to divorce as including lack of sexual fulfillment, time and money factors. According to this study, these were the crucial elements that bared satisfaction of the couples especially the newly married ones. This study further found that the family’s financial situation, debt brought into the marriage and balancing of the family and job and sex fulfillment were the main concerns to couples with less than 30 years. . Those aged 30 and over shared with their younger cohorts the concerns of balancing job and family and frequency of sexual relations, but also added as problem areas constant bickering and expectations about household tasks.


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    • dashingscorpio profile image


      5 years ago

      The number one cause for divorce is and always has been selecting the wrong mate! Human beings make mistakes in every area of their lives including mate selection. When it's all said and done a divorce is nothing more than a public admission that a "mistake" was made.

      Our society tends to want to teach couples how to fit square pegs into round holes or change water into wine rather than teach them how to go about (selecting) the "right mate" for themselves!

      As for the divorce rate it has actually gone down to it lowest point in 40 years! The actual numbers of divorces taking place each year is lower. One reason why is because people are delaying getting married.


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