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Do Men Like Women? Do Women Like Men?

Updated on April 24, 2020
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Surely we were meant to get along, weren’t we? After all, men and women need each other to perpetuate the human race.

Cats and dogs can get along - why can't we?
Cats and dogs can get along - why can't we?

Do people genuinely like the opposite sex? You hear so much about the battle between the sexes, but surely we were meant to get along, weren’t we? After all, men and women need each other to perpetuate the human race.

The environment I grew up in was rife with violence and disrespect. Men were something to be feared, and women’s sole purpose in life was to use and / or be used. The whole scene was so ugly, I wanted no part of it.

I left Oakland, CA soon as I turned 18, but to this day, I’m still working on getting Oakland out of me. Becoming older and wiser has definitely helped matters. The book The Day America Told The Truth states that men and women basically don’t like each other; men think of women as fussy cats, and women see men as boorish dogs. However, I’ve held many conversations with my brother and other males, and have discovered men and women are actually more alike than different; we have pretty much the same desires, and love and hurt the same.

Recently, I ran a poll, and this is the result.

"Who is this adorable creature?"
"Who is this adorable creature?"

Men and boys - what do you like most about girls and women? What do you like the least?
What I like best is that they're somehow easier to talk and relate to. What I like the least is when they're underhanded and backstabbing.


Well my type of girl is outgoing, understanding, sweet, cute, great sense of humor, not afraid to try, and loves to help.
Girls I don't go for are the party girls, that are kinda slutty, act bitchy, or are really plastic. Even if they're hot physically, actions and personality over weigh appearance.


I like how friendly and understanding they are. How accepting and caring they are. Women seem to be more ready to stand up for what they believe in than guys some times. They are easier to talk to and relate to. They're not so quick to judge or laugh at you in a time of weakness, but they're a shoulder to cry on if needed (something most guys aren't good for at all.)
Those are just the good things, but that's all that matters. :-)

John Tether:

Smart women have qualities of modesty, honesty, tact, and obliging, polished manners that make you forget their repulsive physical and emotional natures. Stupid women are like stupid anything, but with the additional annoying air of expecting to get a free pass, just because they're women.

Travis Ryan

The things that I like best about them is the fact that most of them are always willing to listen to whatever you have to say whether they can help or not. Another thing that I like is that they are usually easy to get a long with and fun to be around. Some things that I don’t like though is when they are very girly and just take forever to get ready to go out or just over dress for simple things to attract attention.

"Just WHAT are your intentions?!"
"Just WHAT are your intentions?!"

Girls and women - what do you like most about boys and men? What do you like the least?
What I like the most is their sense of adventure - they're loads of fun. What I like the least is when they're criminals.


I like it best when they are sensitive and can feel empathy for those less fortunate, and I absolutely despise it when they are easily upset and reveal a violent nature. =P
Yes, I would not want to be with someone who was a criminal. =P


What I like most is their sense of humor. I love laughing and making others laugh and if a guy has that in common then we'll always have fun. I like the adventurous and competitive side, too. :)
Least is temper or aggression. Sometimes the temper is sparked from jealousy but I like when a guy is just chill.


Most - They're funny and playful.
Least - If they're violent.


I like that they have d**ks. I dislike that they are d**ks.

I like when they’re funny.

"My intentions are good.  I think you're cute!"
"My intentions are good. I think you're cute!"

Everyone - thank you for your answers. Hopefully, I've given you something to think about. . If you want a girlfriend, it's really best if you actually like girls and women. If you want a boyfriend, it's really best if you actually like boys and men.

Ah - moment of truth!
Ah - moment of truth!

What about you? Do you like the opposite gender? Please vote, and explain your point of view in the Comments section. Thanks!

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