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Do Unto Others

Updated on May 26, 2012

Clarissa Renee Douthit

How you treat yourself will be how you treat others.

Have you taken time to think about the "Golden Rule - Do unto others as you would have them do unto you?" I mean, really think about its consequences, effects on the lives around you as well as its effect on you? You may wonder why this question is important. I have considered the impact of the "Golden Rule" on my life and all people/creatures surrounding me. I am aware this verse comes from the Bible, but my intent for its use surpasses all religious barriers. Its meaning applies to every human being regardless of his or her spiritual (or lack there of) belief.

I have rewritten it to make it a bit more personal. It reads like this: "Do unto me as I desire others to do unto me." I know this reads strangely; but give me a chance to clarify. So, let's start with the first part of the rule, "Do unto me". I would like to dissect this rule so that I can make sense of why I treat people as I do. Of course, I want to be the sweetest, kindest, most loyal, most trustworthy (you get the idea) person. But until now, I had to consider how I treat myself and how that translates into how soul searching is scary but necessary for society as well.

Do Unto Me... I must say I was not raised to "Do Unto Me." I constantly heard scripture spewed at me about it being much better to give than to receive. This is fine except when I neglect my basic needs - emotional, physical, psychological health - how can I be there for those who are dealing with matters of the heart, soul, and mind? If I am sad, I rob others of joy. If I am mad, I suck the life out of others. I must refocus my mind to ensure I work through my personal issues. Then, I can "Do Unto Others" appropriately with the adequate tools for success.

...As I Desire Others To Do Unto Me. This is a scary proposition. I have a vivid imagination and just the thought of waking each morning to deal with a constant angry or sad person is almost more than I can stand. Having people lashing out at me at every turn is maddening. Having everyone I come in contact with telling me sad stories or having sad spirits is enough to push me over the edge. That isn't a world I wish to exist in. Nothing in this world would be of value. Laughter would be extinct. Creativity would die. Loves would be lost.

What does all this mean? For me, it means self checks throughout the day. It also means to do my best to be a shining light in a seemingly dark world. I yearn for the sound of laughter, especially gut-busting laughter. I want to feel the soft touch of my boyfriend's hand on my face. I want to enjoy the change of seasons and appreciate that it is the renewal of life. When I can live like this, I will be a better person who will do compassionate and loving things for those around me.

It's giving a smile even when it may be hard but knowing I will brighten someone's day. It's encouraging a young person to strive for his or her best and appreciating their uniqueness. It's telling the truth even when it hurts and timing is inconvenient. Doing unto others is a brave ideology to under take.

Are you up to the challenge to really do unto others as your would hope, sometimes pray, they do unto you? Be brave and take the first step. You may be hurt, disappointed and sometimes disillusioned; but never give up but live up to your hopes and dreams.


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    • rissa62 profile image

      Queen of the Pen 5 years ago

      @toshimi: I sincerely appreciate you reading my blogs. Sometimes it seems daunting when it appears my 'words' are floating on the web unattended. Thanks!

    • toshimi profile image

      toshimi 5 years ago from Ohio

      Again, thumbs up to you!

      Your writing is a breath of fresh air. Let's just say that I have little patience for ignorance and stupidity. I pray constantly for a positive and patient attitude!

      Great job Rissa I am enjoying your hubs!