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Find Out Those Things That Turn Your Man on

Updated on July 20, 2016

Do You Really Know What turn Your Boyfriend/Husband on

What are the things a woman does that keep her lover under her spell? For every woman out there who wants to uncover the secrets of seducing a man without much effort, here are the some turn-ons that will help you figure out what your lover wants. Some women might refuse to confront issues. They seem quiet, shy, withdrawn, and actually never bother anyone; they can contribute to the breakdown of a marriage. Perhaps you are like this? You must endeavor to know what turns your man on, if you hope to keep him.


Men like to feel like they are the most important woman in the world. This means that if you are attentive to your spouse, he’ll be more affectionate. They really want to know that you are listening, that you're paying attention and that you're actually into us for more than just what you can get out of us. This is definitely one of the hugest turn-ons for #men.


Sex with unbridled enthusiasm can help a man feel closer to you emotionally. Perhaps that's why men say "women who just lie there" is a serious turnoff and some men say that “silence is a sexual downer” because they prefer a women that express themselves. New positions are nice and sign of creativity.

Timothy, a 29-year old legal practitioner has been with his girlfriend, Jenet for years. “We’ve been together almost four years now, so I know exactly what to do to turn her on, and I love watching her lose control. When we’re having sex in the missionary position and she gets carried away, she warps her legs around me really tight and digs her heels into my bottom to pull me closer to her. This drives me wild. It really turns me on to think she wants me that much. She tends to grip things too; sometimes it is pillow, and other times it’s me. She doesn’t mean to do it, she just gets lost in the moment, and seeing her like that sends me over the edge all the time. On the nights she stays over, getting a good night’s sleep is a problem because the time I get her into bed I’m like a wild animal. I love lying in bed and watching her get ready, when she’s fresh out of the shower, she looks really fresh. She then gets busy looking for something to wear she’s oblivious to me. I just sit back and admire how sexy she is.”

“The thing that gets me most about my girlfriend of two years is the sound she makes when we make love, confesses Joel, an accountant. “She isn’t loud or aggressive. Half the time, she’s trying to keep the volume down. So she lets out these little high-pitched sighs. And then she whispers in my ear, feeling her breath so close to me and hearing her husky sex voice does it for me every time.”


This does not consist of nagging, or temper tantrum, really talk to him. Do not talk too much about yourself. The person who makes herself the principal object of her conservation is generally regarded as an unmitigated nuisance and a bore. If the conservation is more interactive, it makes all the difference.


You facilitate communication when you learn to become good listeners. Before you can understand your partner’s point of view you need to become good listener as well as talker. Communication is a two-way process. Therefore listening is one of the hugest turn-ons for men. Really pay attention to your boyfriend/husband.


Men love when their loved ones massage their muscles especially after a tiresome day. It's absolutely one of the biggest turn-ons for some #men. If you're looking to turn your boyfriend or husband on, run your fingers through his muscles and see how he responds. So touch him a little more and see where it gets you.


By far, one of the biggest turn-ons for men comes from the connection. A man likes to know the #woman that he is with thoroughly. He likes to know her thoughts, feelings and where the #relationship is going. If you really want to turn a man on, connect with him unreservedly.


Just because you've got a boyfriend/husband, doesn't mean you can stop being adventurous. A girl likes to know that the guy she is with is not boring, in fact, a #guy on the dangerous side is always a huge turn on! Whether you are driving a really fast car or you are just a daring kinda guy, your #girlfriend will be turned on if you're a little adventurous!


Any healthy relationship, marriage included, must be built on respect. To respect someone means to hold someone in high esteem, to consider him worthy of high regard. Whoever desires respect must show respect to others and live in a manner worthy of respect.


Men want women to #look good and feel good; they also want them to smell good. The right scent can make them come closer.


Passion is important when you're kissing, but it's also important in other areas of your relationship. Men want #women who are passionate about them. The more you devote yourself to him, the more he'll want you.


Men can't get enough of funny #women. Of course, making him laugh isn't the only important thing that you need to do. Men also want you to be able to laugh at yourselves and take a joke without getting angry. You need to be ready to laugh, and not throw tantrum when your partner make fun of you.


Life is made not of great sacrifices or duties, but of little things, in which smiles and kindness and small obligations, given habitually, is what win and preserve the heart and secure comfort. Do a few little things for him, he'll think you’re the sweetest thing he's ever seen.


While fond of applauding the hardier virtues of energy, self-reliance, you are in danger of losing sight of the fact that, oftentimes, an exhibition of gentleness and courtesy is not extremely pleasing in itself, but is not infrequently on of the most expeditious modes of advancing any relationship.


History and biography abound with examples of signal patience shown by great women under trying circumstances. Men want a woman who won't complain if they want to wait to go out with friends. They want a #woman who won't groan if they couldn’t afford some of her needs. The more patience you have, the happier they'll be with you.


Gloom and depression not only take much out of life, but detract greatly from the chances of having a happy relationship. If you're serious all the #time, no man will want to spend his days with you. Men need some fun and excitement every once in a while. . Does your facial expression radiate the fact that you are a cheerful person? Be of good cheer. A smiling person of good cheer spreads cheer. Cheerfulness is contagious too16. BEING


Husbands or boyfriends feel valued and respected when they know their women have taken time and made special effort to look their best for them. The way that you dress is a huge factor in whether or not a man will want to be with you. If you have poor hygiene and are wearing dirty and stained clothes, you won't appear attractive. You need to #look clean and presentable.


Hearing a #woman discuss his favorite works of art is always fascinating. It's nice to know that she has a brain of her own that isn't flooded with latest fashion and cosmetics. Men want someone who will have enlightening conversation with them.


You don't have to surprise him every single day, but it's a turn-on when a #woman does something that your partner never would have predicted. If you never buy him gifts, try buying him a gift. The cost is not important but the intent. If you never try anything new, cook for him his favorite meal.


You don't have to kiss her every five minutes, but you should show some sort of #affection when you're with her. Every properly constituted human being who entertains an appreciation of loneliness and wretchedness, and looks forward to happiness and content feels a necessity of affection. Hold his hand while you're sitting on the couch. Give him a peck when he returns from work. Do whatever you can to show him how much you care.


Looks include everything about your appearance: the way you smile, the way you you’re your hair, the sort of clothing you choose, the body you have developed through exercise and eating habits. Some women are born with naturally beautiful features. Everyone has a different opinion about who's considered attractive, but looking good is certainly a turn-on. Some men like women with beautiful curves, some men like tattoos, and some #men like beautiful faces. If you have what he likes, then he's probably already turned on.


Confidence is the most important thing for a #woman to have. Women in successful #relationships possess the gift of methodical, well-balanced minds, they are men who cannot work in disorder, but will have things straight and know all the details which enables you to arrange the machinery of your affairs. If you’re walking tall and acting like you’re the most important person in the room, people are going to take notice of you. It's impossible not to.


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