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Do we men really listen to others?

Updated on August 3, 2011

Do we really listen?

Do men really listen?
Do men really listen? | Source

Do we really listen?

I talk to a lot friends and most of them just happen to be women. One very good friend happens to be a woman. As I was talking to her, she was saying something and in no time my mind took off in total different direction and my focus was totally gone in a quick second. I completely skipped the conversation, the effect of it, the momentum and validity of the outcome that it was going to have.

I remember when I was married, in where I did not want to hear my spouse, I would tune her "out" very easily and without hesitation. I questioned my self is this something natural or is it something stupid that I have to stop doing for my own sake and benefit. I think of the consequences that this may have one day, and the horrific life that I may have because of not listening to others or what I should be listening too.

I remember my mother always telling me to pay attention. And now I do the same thing with my own kids, and I noticed that my boys do the same thing that I did to my mother in tuning her out. I guess this comes from birth or do we inherit this amazing stupidity effect. It not only effects us in life now, but it can effect us in everything that we do or in things that we may want to succeed. As I recall back to my teen-days it also effected me in school, I could not remember how to do the simplest math problems and spelling well you can see here...

I know for a fact that we men do not listen to 90% of the things that are said to us, because we constantly screw-up everything. Lest start from our Government(s) is going to hell and Church it's going in the same direction....Dam Men, should stop trying to run everything, its a fact we men do not listen. Funny that it so happens' that God's image is of a Man too.

When we're in a relationship or marriage forget it, this phenomena gets even worst in a relationship. As men all we want is to get in and get out sexually, what "it's true"...don't blame me for saying the truth it's all we want. We do not want to hear it the only thing we want to hear is "O yea more and harder" and that is it.

As men we need to listen more and just shut he HELL-UP to allow others to make us see that we are f**king things up by not listening. Men we should start acting like adults, we always say act your age, well men act your F**king age and be a man about it and just listen.

Bottom line is that we do not listen to what we should and when we should. As men we need to turn this bad habit around and really focus at what is at hand. It makes sense why I also wrote an article call "Men are Dumb" here is the link: Our defects are many but are workable and we do work hard to make sure that we do not make mistakes, so lets get on with it and correct them guys... "S**t happens!

Warning I am not listening!

I am not listening!
I am not listening! | Source

So watch for signs before you commit!

I think we should all come with warning label attached, that way we don't waste our time or invest any on a labelled person... I don't mean that we're all labelled or should be. It will only make it easier to date and we know what to expect and that way we don't caugh of guard.

Women also do this, so ladies don't think for a minute that we are completely stupefied by your goodies and charm! We got your number as well, "Get in and Get out'.

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    • Ashantina profile image

      Ashantina 7 years ago

      This is going to sound 'out there' but my male friends are by far better listeners. They provide logical solutions to issues or just allow me to talk or off load. I really think all this talk of men being poor listeners is hype. Its very individual and should not be classed to one gender.