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Do You Enjoy Living Alone?—45 wonderful reasons why it's great

Updated on November 24, 2014
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My passion is writing about love, sex, dating, and relationships. I write based on my own personal experiences and those that I relate to.

I must admit that I am very independent and fully enjoy living alone. I've had roommates in college, I have lived with three men before at various times in my life, but when it comes down to it, I really enjoy my own space.

I do enjoy being able to spend time with a guy that I am interested in—having sleepovers on occasion. I am happy knowing that I have my own personal space to go home to, or have once he leaves. Since I prefer going to bed early and rising early, living alone makes me feel as though I am not disturbing anyone. I can do whatever I want in my home. I can work out, meditate, watch girlie programs, eat sitting on my couch, etc., without being judged or criticized.

When you live alone you create your own space as well as your own energy. There are no major surprises when you get home.

There is a relaxing feeling, returning home to complete silence or maybe just having your loving pet greet you at the door. Both scenarios completely differ from coming home to a guy who has already been there. His energy, his mess, and what he has on the TV as he's sprawled out on the living room couch. Don't get me wrong, with the right guy who you have developed a strong and healthy relationship with, the situations and feelings would most likely be different.

Living with a guy means a lot of communication, compromising and sharing. If you are unable to open yourself up to doing this, then living with someone else might be very difficult for you. That's OK. Living with a guy (or with anyone) is not necessarily for everyone. If it were, there would be an overabundance of available properties.

Praising the joys of living alone doesn't mean that living with a guy is a horrible thing. Deciding to live with a guy was discussed in a previous article. Right now, let's dance in the bliss of living alone....

There are so many perks to living by yourself, here are just a few:

45 Reasons Why It's Great To Live By Yourself:

1. You don't have to bitch about the toilet seat being up since it will Always be down
2. You don't have to pick up after him—dirty underwear, socks, etc...
3. Your laundry doesn't have to be doubled by including his
4. You can watch whatever you want on TV—reality, romantic movies, Sex In The City marathons, etc...
5. You can have "you" time the moment you walk in the door
6. You can dance around in your underwear whenever you feel like it
7. You don't have to clean his mess after he's been in the kitchen or bathroom
8. You can go to bed and wake up when you want and need to
9. Things don't get used up as quickly—paper products, soaps, detergent, food, etc.
10. There's less mess when you live alone (unless you are messy)
11. You can decorate the way you want
12. You can talk, text, or be on the internet as long as you want without feeling rude
13. You can work out in your living room without being disturbed
14. You can play candy crush late into the night with being interrupted
15. There are no annoying habits you have to deal with but your own
16. When you get home...You are the only one to unwind
17. You can spend time on Pinterest without being judged
18. Things stay in the same place where you left them
19. You can walk around naked, clean naked or just hang out naked
20. You can enjoy being in your frumpy comfy clothes whenever you want
21. You don't have to cook if you don't want to—you can have cookies instead
22. You're allowed to do shameless online shopping 24/7
23. You can meditate without being disturbed
24. You can eat standing up in the kitchen or while you're in bed
25. You can keep the mystery in dating—the primping you do before you see him—keep him thinking you always look sexy.
26. Your pet doesn't have to sleep in another room
27. You don't have to share or give up closet space
28. You can burp and pass gas in private (don't act shocked, we all do it)
29. You can go to the bathroom with the door open
30. You can sleep with the TV on
31. You can take your time showering or bathing
32. You can wear granny panties
33. You can use quality control when cooking—not have him taste everything and get full before the meal is ready
34. You don't have to be obligated to have sex every day/night
35. If you're not interested in sports you don't have to hear or see them on daily basis
36. You can have your morning time to spend it the way you want
37. You can have your friends over as often as you want without him getting upset
38. Grocery shopping is lighter
39. You can throw parties whenever you feel like doing so
40. Your friends can sleep over whenever
41. You can stay in bed all day on your days off and/or in your jamies
42. Any night can be wine night
43. No one questions why you are smearing coconut oil on your hair or applying a mud mask to your face.
44. No need to hide price tags, merchandise or receipts from your shopping extravaganza
45. It's empowering

The list can go on and on as to why living alone is so fantastic. This doesn't mean that if you find your happily-ever after, you should continue living by yourself. It just means that you will most likely need a bigger place so that you can create your own little nook to retreat to.

Ladies, if you have never had the experience of living by yourself, you have no idea of the great joys you have been missing out on. A big part of figuring out what you want, ultimately comes to you as a result of living alone. Life, career, who you are, how you define yourself, and what you are searching for can happen a little easier when you live alone. You need to give yourself time for you. Living alone can be a little scary at first, but it's also very empowering.

Bottom line, it is important to have your own space. In doing so, it is imperative not to hide behind living alone out of fear of having your heart broken or moving your relationship to the next level. These things can make you feel vulnerable. Most importantly, enjoy your freedom and enjoy your life!

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