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Does He Love You?

Updated on October 17, 2009

Signs To Tell If He Loves You


Men express love in a different way than females and while they may not be open with saying it there may be certain ways that you can tell if they love you or not.  Men are conditioned to show less emotions starting from childhood they are taught by the men in their lives to not cry because it shows a sign of weakness to everyone, this does not mean that when they are not hurt in situations just like you are.

So you want to know if your man loves you, well here goes...

He is very much playful at times teasing you about something or trying to anger you purposely to get a reaction by leaving the toilet seat up, leaving his dirty clothes lying around, or using a different dish for everything.  The reason he does this is to see if you’re the wifely type who’s going to put up with this because you love him, or seeing if you’re the bitchy type who’s going to simply go off and in the long term disappear.

Does he constantly get on your case about things you do that he feels you could do better like take care of yourself.  If you are sick a true sign of his love for you is to point out what you did wrong to become sick, but he will take care of you, seeing that you have and are taking your medications, will force you to eat even if you can’t keep anything down, make you hot tea and offer comfort.

Maybe you do a lot of things to upset him and even when it’s your fault he takes some of the blame. That is another true sign of his love for you because he’s now seeing you as a one with him. When you argue no matter who’s at fault he wants the problem resolved because he cannot imagine his life without you in it.

Your opinion means a lot to him, he’ll ask you something in a way where you might not understand or at least understand why he asked but he expects you to be honest about it even if it’s not what he wants to hear. He does this to make sure that you know even if you don’t always agree to certain things it doesn’t change the fact that he wants you in his life. He does this to let you know that you don’t have to be perfect all the time to him.

He gets home from working a ten hour shift, takes time to stop off at a restaurant to pick you up something to eat even if you should have something waiting for him at home to eat, but he has no complaints. This is his way of saying, I love you, I’m going to always look out for you, but next time can you please have some dinner on the table.

Does he criticize your friend’s actions from time to time when they’ve done something wrong? If he does it’s not because he doesn’t like them, he probably doesn’t know them too well but from what he has seen or heard they are totally different than you are and he’s quick to point out their faults, he won’t tell you to stay away from them but he does suggest you have a open mind that the relationship with them may not be as healthy as you think. The reason behind this is that he wants to prevent you from being hurt by certain situations or taken advantage of, he expects you to be a quick thinker like he is, and he’s become your protector.

If he tells you he loves you and you see no signs of it being un-true then it’s not something to question. Actions speak louder than words and no man is going to go through any trouble for someone he doesn’t love especially if he’s already bedded her.


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