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Does Love grow with Age?

Updated on February 19, 2013

Love Grows

Love is a beautiful word. A person experiencing this adjective feels on top of the world. He/She can survive without sleeping if this emotion is with them. Life is never dull, and everything looks fabulous and bright and attractive. Love makes a person confident and stand tall in any circumstances. It makes him sincere and a better person since he is at peace with himself.

In this Life time, a person should feel fortunate to fall in love since the above feeling is out of the world. It's like going on the moon and being in a zero gravity. But again, Love does not fill up stomachs. A person has to work to get money in order to pay the bills and enjoy life with the love of your life. With work, comes stress and with stress comes a lot of negativity in which one tends to forget about one notable thing a person possesses, Love of his life! He has taken the love of his life for granted and starts to count his problems rather than going in the stride of life and picking up what comes along rather than dragging it. Most of us, tend to take the positive things in our life, for granted and that creates an ugly scene. There are fights, there are arguments and one tends to lose one BEST thing, a person was fortunate to achieve, LOVE!

But, let's say we treasure what we have. We go to work during the day, and bathe ourselves with all the negativism of life during the day. Coming home in the evening, and seeing the love of our life, get detoxified. Now, isn't that refreshing and rejuvenating. The smiles and the affectionate laughter and the deep, honest caring touch can melt away anybody's sorrows. This should be the moment we all should look for, once we come home. Leave our baggage at work and just be present with someone who could rejuvenate you and make you ready for another day. Love is like sunshine. It can bring light and joy into anybody's life, only IF that a person can open his arms to it.

Love will have no boundaries IF we open our arms to it and we will learn to accept the person as He/She is. We will start to enjoy the moments with each other rather than finding faults with each other IF we always meet with an open mind and keep all our judgments and problems aside. This Love whom you lusted for in your younger days will keep you company in the days when you are all gray and old and fragile. Love does grow with Age, and it is up to us how we grow along with it. It is up to us, how we nurture it. It is up to us, how we treat it. It is up to us, how we handle it. Love is not a thing, it is a person who has equal feelings likes us, and it is up to us, to respect them if we want respect from them in return. As a Golden Rule of Thumb is, "Treat others as you would want to be treated."

This is one Life we have got, and it is up to us how we shape it. We could get all muddled up in our problems OR we could count our blessings and make a castle out of it. If we think and act now, we can prevent our downfall and build our future. Opportunity knocks extremely rarely on everyone's door unless we are darn lucky. If we have someone who cares for us, who appreciates us, who laughs with us and cries along with us. We cannot afford to lose them by running after things we crave for and taking the things that we already have as granted.

Unfortunately, Time does not wait up for anybody, and if we do not learn to appreciate what we have, then it will be too late. So, let's wake up and appreciate our love so that we could build a foundation now with it which we could cherish in our latter part of lives where it is all grown and stable and rich and full of fantastic memories.


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