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Does Sex Have a Psychology: Approaching a Woman

Updated on June 12, 2021
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MG, an air warrior, a health freak, and Sportsman with wide experience.

Invisible bond of attraction

Many of us are envious of a colleague or another man known to you escorting a lovely girl on his arm. This element of envy is usually with men known to you. One is not really bothered to see an unknown man escorting a beautiful girl other than an appreciative glance. The truth is that we do envy a man having a lovely girl as a date and the thought does cross the mind as to how he has done it. This in simple terms is referred to as the Psychology of sex. What does this man have that you don’t? I have a theory:a man who hooks a lovely girl as a date is able to read that girl better and makes his approach after reading her personality and as such is winner


It is not farfetched and psychologists have confirmed that just by looking at a girl a man can get a clue as to how the girl will react if approached. I will add that the ancient Hindu granths mention this fact. I suggest that men who read this post don’t dismiss this theory outright, for there is a lot of truth in it. Thus it is possible to plan your approach by just watching the girl closely. Basically, it is a psychic ability which we all have. Its also chemistry and part of the cosmic world where the planets send immeasurable wavelengths that strike a chord with the girl. The act of a girl breezing into an office, apparel shop or simply by the way she has tied the sari reveals a body language that can be read. The act of a girl slightly lifting the sari to climb a staircase can also be a giveaway. The body is a beautiful thing and one must have the time and patience to study a girl. You may be able to establish a cosmic rhythm with her before you talk to her.


One aspect of a girl that will give a clue is her hands. The hand is the fortune of a human being. People in India can cast a horoscope just by reading the palms of a human and in the case of women it has added importance. Generally, a woman will take great care of her hands. Make it a point to observe the hands. In case they have pointed it shows an artistic blend of mind while square hands may show obstinacy. Delicate hands will show that a girl is an artist and not a woman of the house.


Next item of importance is the eyes. They can be a real giveaway. Large eyes ay show overconfidence while small eyes may show contriteness. The smile is another point. Smiling girls are happy and open while frowning girls are hard to get.
A dress a woman wears can also be a tremendous clue as well. A slim girl in a pale sari is likely to be more of an extrovert, while a girl in shalwar kameez staider. Girls in skirts are more open and become friends easily. A girl in a Burkha is difficult to approach. A more subtle approach will be required.

What I have written is a blind man feeling an elephant. The subject is so vast. The point is that you will have to observe a girl in the classroom or the office or maybe she stays next door. You will have to strike chemistry with her. There is no clear-cut magic potion like in the ‘Midsummer nights dream’, but remember to be brave, for faint heart never won a fair woman. That is the bottom line.


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