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Does She Want You? Spot Signs of Sexual Tension Now!

Updated on November 9, 2009

Reading a woman's mind may seem so much trickier than Metaphysics and Trigonometry but believe, all it takes is logic, a little common sense and a good dose of confidence to finally make it all happen. Women are pretty easy to please --- you may not know it but you've got to. Consider this day as a prelude to your new life --- if you've spent majority of your lifetime being a loser and an absolute nobody when it comes to women, then it's time to turn that around. There are actually a few tricks to start building attraction and sex tension when you're in the midst of a female. Below are a few tips to find out if she's into you as well. Does she want you? Get to answer that riddle now!

Licking and biting her lips. It's an obvious sign she feels "it's getting hot in here." She must have spent ample time flirting with you and by now she wants to have some real action coming. Observe is she slowly licks and bites at her lips while she watches you talk. Staring at your lips is a sign, too.

Prolonged eye contact. It's one way of flirting. Maintaining eye contact is a great way to build sexual tension and the more she stays focused on you, she absolutely wants you to know that she's getting all fired up for you. Always make it a point to have eye contact with her --- it keeps the both of you connected.

Serious flirting. She laugh way at loud, whispers in your ear, flips her hair, crosses and uncrosses her legs, leans over to you, reaches over to touch you --- there are a million signs of serious flirting she might be sending you right this very instant --- decode them now!

Naughty talking. When she starts to get playful at you, that's a green light, dude. She wants you to be playful with her too! She cracks a joke, teases you, laughs at your corny jokes --- and would couple a few green jokes along the way as well. Getting all too personal is a big signs she's sexually attracted to you as well.

Touching. A woman views touching as a very intimate gesture --- that's why it would take a lot for her to actually initiate the first move and touch you. It's one way of giving in to the urge in her that she wants to get all physical and near you --- that's why you should take it as a good sign when she does.

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    • profile image

      edward 3 years ago

      this woman i know i see heer in a store shes playing with me smiling and hiding behind her hands over her face,

      she takes her hands down and smiles like shes happy to see me,

      I hug her and kiss her on the cheek like a good friend, I go get something to eat and i see her rush out the door like what i said was nothing to her.

      shell never have anyone if shes like that to everyone.

    • profile image

      seduction expert 4 years ago

      it is most important to know the belief systems of a woman, her history and her valuesystems before taking any gesture to be granted. people may easily be misguided by making quick conclusions and may kill their chances of getting the grace of some lady.