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Low cost Valentine date ideas

Updated on March 17, 2016
A special place... (photo taken by Marlo)
A special place... (photo taken by Marlo)

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Dating While on a Budget

I personally have found that some of the best dates I have been on are ones where very little money was spent. Do not misunderstand me -- a Julie Roberts adventure akin to the opera experience in Pretty Woman would be nice too -- but I am still happy spending little money.

Dating While on a Budget

Here is a list of low cost date ideas that may help you save money in 2011.

Pack a Picnic (Lunch or Dinner)

Total Money Spent: $9.50

You do not have to spend much money to have a great time with this. Buy a loaf of bread ($1.50), some cheese ($2), lunch meat or tuna ($3), make sandwiches - and include some grapes (a little bunch will do - $2), and maybe some chips on pretzels on sale ($1). I can always find chips or pretzels at my local grocery store on sale.

Now, make the lunch - and find an old blanket and the most special place you can find (near a lake, ocean, park) and take your partner there and surprise them with a homemade lunch. The scenery and the fact that you took time to make them lunch, will be so special.

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Free Concert or Play in the Park

Total Money Spent: $0.00

In warmer weather (or in warmer locations at the present time), there are usually free concerts in park. Look in your local hometown paper (or free local weekly newspapers usually have an activity section), and find a concert to attend. I have been to a number of these myself, and they are usually fun. Again, grab that old blanket just in case there are no chairs.

Date Night at Home (Without watching movies or TV)

Total Money Spent: $5.00

Foot soak

This is such a relaxing experience. Surprise your partner with some relaxing music, a lit candle, and dim the lights. This homemade foot soak idea is inexpensive, and such a pleasure for your special someone.

♥ Have a large bowl, footbath, or pot (lobster pot works great) filled with hot water.

♥ Mix in some moisturizing oils or Epsom Salts ($3.00).

♥ Add a few flower petals if you wish ($2.00).

♥ Leave some hot water simmering on the stove, and be ready to warm the water - the hotter your partner can stand, the better.

♥ Afterwards, rinse their feet, dry and moisturize. • These foat soaks can cost up to $50 at a spa. 

Wine Tasting

Total Money Spent: $0.00

In free local weekly newspapers (same one I found the free concert or play in the park), there are sometimes free wine tastings. This is basically small samples of wine (size of a shot), with cheese and crackers. In my experience, you can sample all of the wines they are displaying, and do not feel pressured to buy any wine. The best part about these (in addition to the free samples), is that you meet other people who are there for the free samples too! You never know where the conversation leads, and it is so much fun. (Just make sure one of you does not have too many samples, or you will continue your date in the car while you sober up, lol!)

§ I think it is so special to take the time to plan something unique, and save money at the same time. §

Are you going to try any of these low cost date ideas?

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    • profile image

      delightfully 9 years ago


    • MarloByDesign profile image

      MarloByDesign 9 years ago from United States

      Lokster, glad I could help and have a great time!!


    • profile image

      Lokster 9 years ago from Florida

      Thank you for the response.  This info has been really helpful.

       In fact.  We are going to a wine tasting place that she knew of this weekend.  It's apparently pretty new, and conveniently located on the square in this retirement community.  The square has live music every weekend, dancing, and a pier on a lake.  Talk about a nice evening.  Thank you so much for putting the idea's in my head.

    • MarloByDesign profile image

      MarloByDesign 9 years ago from United States

      Lokster, I hope this Hub gives you some nice ideas.