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Are you Dating a Narcissist?

Updated on March 16, 2017

Narcissistic Behaviors in Relationships

The way narcissist behave in relationships have a lot to do with their need for admiration, and desire to have their ego stroked. One of the common traits of a narcissist is their complete inability to handle criticism. They often will seek out abuse type relationships; a person that is willing to put up with their abuse, and has a lack of boundaries.

The other person may have some need that is being fulfilled as well. The narcissist loves the fact that people are chasing after them and waiting on them hand and foot. The narcissist definition of a relationship may be quite different from that of “normal” people. Not only will they respond with aggression during conflict but also through many stages of boundary testing. Some of this testing includes the silent treatment.

The reason they get away with negative behavior is they intentionally gravitate towards partners with low standards. They will also exhibit other behavior after the conflict such as detachment and showing less commitment. These are all forms of punishment and self-protecting that narcissist use to gain power and superiority over their partners in relationships.


Narcissist Personality Style

A person who is a narcissist has an over inflated sense of self, and a deep need for admiration, so they thrive off using others for their own personal gain. They have an unwarranted sense of entitlement, and their opinion of their abilities and skills may be somewhat overstated. They have no culpability for their actions and can be envious of others. They lack empathy, are insensitive to others and show defensiveness and aggression at the slightest hint of criticism. Narcissists have difficulty maintaining healthy relationships because they swing wildly between grandiosity and vulnerability, making them an extremely unstable personality type.

Narcissism: Subtle Yet Extreme

The video below highlights the personality disorder and really brings to light narcissism in its most subtle yet extreme form. When people are so smart that they are almost genius, they slip through the cracks because they are used to being honored regarding their intellectual accolades. However, their social skills can often leave much to be desired. Be careful not to confuse this with Asperger’s.

What Narcissism Looks Like



In Defense of Self-Love: An Observational Study on Narcissists' Negative Behavior During Romantic Relationship Conflict. doi:10.1080/15298868.2013.868368


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