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Domestic Violence and Staying Safe

Updated on August 12, 2011

Truth of Abuse

Domestic Violence and Being Safe

Domestic Violence and Being Safe

Are You Being Abused,

Do you know that domestic violence does happen to not only women, and men it can come close to home? Your own children can abuse you. This is not unusual as the drug; abuse is getting worse with our children.

If you are being hurt, you need to know that it is not your fault. You never deserve to be physically touched; this goes for the same as the other person hitting walls, punching objects, throwing objects, breaking what is around the abuser. Abuse is intimidation, but it is VERY dangerous as well.

If you are threatened or attacked the best things to do at the immediate time is to

1. Stay out of kitchen, as there are knives or other objects that can hurt you

2. Stay or get away from the bathrooms, closest where you could become locked in or trapped

3. Try to go into a room with windows so you can escape if you can SAFELY do so

4. Try to get close to the phone, dial 911 and drop the phone this way the abuser is heard yet not see that you have emergency dispatch on the phone

5. If you have safe homes near you, such as neighbors who will hide you, if you do get out run to that neighbor

6. Press Charges when the police come

If you do not then it will continue. Many people realize that love is an issue when it comes to putting the abuser in jail. However, it will give you time to find safety. Remember you NEVER did anything to cause the abuse. As many victims believe, they have done something to cause the abuser to get mad.

There are some ways to protect yourself once you get the strength and belief in yourself to leave the abuser. Here are some ideas and solutions from the Domestic Violence Hotlines. You need to pack a bag and hide it somewhere so the abuser cannot find it. Get copies of keys to the car so the abuser cannot take the keys from you leaving you without any to get away. You should also think of where to escape. Go to a safe place that the abuser cannot find you.

In every state and every city, there are shelters for domestic violence victims. Do not be ashamed go there and they will keep you safe as well as your children if you have some. It is not a homeless shelter, the shelter is hid, and they normally meet you to drive you to where it is located, as some victims decide to contact the abuser, believing it is out of love. You should keep yourself from any contact to the abuser, no matter the love, or missing them feelings. You are a victim of abuse; they have mixed up your emotions of right and wrong.

The abusers will not only hit you, but verbally they normally will tell you that no one else would want you, and or, you will never find anyone like them who love you enough to teach you a lesson. You do not believe this; it takes all of your energy away while being a victim. So use this energy and turn it into yourself and your family so you can be safe.

Verbal, mental, sexual, and emotional abuse does not go away. This is damaging at times worse than physical. As you might hear people say the bruises go away, but the fear never does. Exactly! The time you need to be selfish. In order to be safe from the abuse.

Sexual abuse is rape. Once you get away from the abuser, be sure and get the counseling you need for all types of abuse that you experienced. As above you read ideas to get away safely, here are some further suggestions to help you when you make the decision to leave

1. Get birth certificates

2. Social Security cards

3. License and ID

4. Talk with a neighbor and set up a signal as your porch light turned on so they know to call the police

5. Put all-important things you need to start over again. This includes cash, passports, bank account numbers, etc

6. Do not answer phones to the abuser, once you move out. Get a phone number unlisted, with blocking the phone numbers the abuser may call

7. Get a restraining order

Finally yet importantly, keep yourself safe. Leave as soon as you can get away, and do not go back. If you do go back, be very careful because the abuser can use that as the next excuse. Once abused in anyway, the abuser will woo you with flowers, candies, cards, dinners, any presents with an apology and promises that it will never happen again. It will, no matter how much the abuser cries begging you to believe them. If you must, pretend you do. Then get out. Because abuse has what is called a honeymoon phase such as.


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