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Don't Hate Me 'Cause I'm Beautiful.

Updated on November 14, 2011


   Based on my background in big gyms, where many "beautiful people" work out, I'm compelled to write this article. I can base it on my years as a musician, carpenter, and long haired dude, too.

The adage "don't judge a book by it's cover" relates to many different things. The main purpose for my engaging this subject: Just because someone is beautiful doesn't mean they're dumb, conceited, arrogant, snotty, or self-absorbed.

I want to focus mostly on women here. I know quite a few exceptionally attractive women- nice figure, fit, white teeth, soft glowing skin, healthy hair etc. 99% of these women that I'm close to are great gals. They're compassionate, friendly, some successful, smart, witty and loving. Too often I'll hear a woman (or even a man) pass a comment like "look at that stuck up bitch", or something of that nature.

Wait, you can tell JUST by looking at her that she's stuck up? Maybe she's stupid, because everyone knows a beautiful woman cannot be intelligent, right? Horse shit!

Just because someone is either genetically gifted, spends time making sure she looks her best, thinks about what she wears- doesn't make her a bad person! It means she takes pride in herself! Yes, some people that look this way ARE very manipulative. That doesn't mean they all are, though.

Stupid? Right, too much of her body's resources went to waste making her beautiful. No they didn't, you idiot! Many of the VERY attractive women that I know at the gym that I currently train at are sweet, smart (some VERY smart, like my new friend), self made, and compassionate human beings. These women are just as capable of love as the next.If they're choosy regarding romantic love, that's a good thing! Calling a hot woman dressed to the nines a slut, just because she looks great is extremely ignorant!

Women like this (most of them) aren't looking for a sugar daddy. One of THE most beautiful women at this gym is completely self-made. She's smart, articulate, friendly to EVERYONE, and very low key.

A young lady I've recently befriended is absolutely GORGEOUS! She's also going to college to better herself. She's doing great. Sure, she's had breast augmentation. This makes her even more attractive! She didn't overdo it- not by a longshot. That was merely something that she wanted to change that she couldn't change on her own. She works out religiously. She knows HOW to eat right, as well as the reasons many of those foods and supplements go into her body.

Is she bright? HELL yeah! Not only does she do well in school, and study her ass off, I've had some of the most engaging conversations with her. At only 25 years old, she understands SO MUCH about people, human behavior, relationships- what it means to be a friend, too. I call very few people MY friend. She has earned that distinction- based on her wisdom (yeah, a wise 25 year old), bright persona, intelligence, and just being a sweet person.

Were I ever to be within earshot of someone saying "look at that stuck up whore. I wonder if she can open a can of soup?" I would grab that person (were it a man) by the neck, insert my thumb deeply into his throat, drag his ass over to her, and say "now, you apologize to my friend for being a narrowminded douche!"

Where men are concerned, I've been the victim, too. As a younger man I had very long hair. I was profiled by police, thought of as a high school drop-out. As a carpenter of twenty years, I've had people look at me and think "ew, you get dirty for a living". Many of these people were very affluent, and well educated. I could see their impression of me change as we engaged in conversation. I'm articulate, well educated, very good at my job- as I was then, and have a genius level IQ, bitch. Not just that, but if you'd like to look down upon me because I don't look like you, say it! G'head, say it to my face. You can't block an ass beating with your money and Ivy League education.

The moral here: Give everyone a chance to prove who they are. Long hair, good looks, skin color, ethnic background, sexual orientation, nor religion actually tell you enough about a person to pass judgement. That person my be one of the greatest people you've ever met, and now they'll never be in your life. Why, because you decided who they were without knowing a thing about them!!!


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    • profile image

      so true... 5 years ago

      thank you for writing this, its the envy problem of others that projects on to the rest. schizoids to be avoided.

    • ladypatience profile image

      ladypatience 6 years ago from Missouri

      I totally agree with you. Sometimes people are way too judgemental. Sometimes we lose out because we think we know everything just by looking at a person. Anywho great hub.