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Don't Let Toxic People Brainwash You

Updated on August 17, 2015

Friends are there for advice. Some friends do not always give the best advice. They say they want to help us but their advice can sometimes be hurting us.

When you have a friend who went through a lot of bad experiences in life they are negative and toxic. If you are not careful they could brainwashy you with their toxic thinking.

Some people who are around players and who have been cheated on a lot automatically assume that all guys cheat. They feel that all guys lie and they never give guys the benefit of the doubt. They say "never believe a guy if he says his phone is broke or he left it in the car." If you are not careful when you meet a guy and he tells you that with no proof you will think that he is lying. You will start to get suspicious when you might not have any real reason to be. You might be making things worse for yourself because of what your toxic friends are putting in your head.

There are people in the world who do lie and cheat but there are also things that do happen. Phones can break and it is possible to leave a phone at home once in awhile or forget it in the car. You can't go around paranoid when someone does not get back to you the second you text them and automatically assume the worst because that is how you give yourself anxiety problems. Instead you just have to go with the flow and have faith that everything will work out the way it is supposed to.

What good is accusing someone of lying to you? Sure you may think that you are being realistic and on guard but it is not going to make a situation better. You have to use your own judgement weather or not the person is up to no good. If you feel that the person is up to no good then the best thing to do is move on and focus on someone new. Fighting and screaming at the person calling him a liar is only going to get you stressed out. Complaining to your friends that he is lying to you he is only going to get you stressed out esepcially when you have no real proof.

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You don't know what is going on in someone's life. There are a million reasons for the way someone can be acting the way they are. Trying to figure them out will only get you upset. Instead try to relax and be okay with whatever happens.

Trust is a very important part of a relationship. If you cannot trust someone's feelings towards you or trust the person that you are with than you should not be with that person. If a guy gives you an explanation why something happened believe him until you have reason to believe otherwise. Not all guys are liars and cheaters. Just because your friends dated guys in the past who hurt them does not mean that the guy you are dating or will date in the future will. Each guy is different and each relationship is different.

Try to maintain a positive thinking. Be on guard but do not keep your guard too up that you will risk a good thing. Trust the person you are with. Take each day at a time and focus on the good days and appreciated the good times that you spend with each other. If a problem does occur be able to talk it out calmly and rationally.

Do not let toxic people brainwash you and think that all guys are cheaters and liars. If a guy says he will call you give him time to. Do not have the attitude "Actions speak louder than words," or "I will believe it when I see it." Be calm and open to having a good relationship. When you are around people who jump to conclusions in their relationships they will make you jump to conclusions in your relationships. Try to change your mindset because if you cannot trust the person that you are with than you do not have a relationship. Trust is an important part of a relationship. Be positive and give your guy the benefit of the doubt until you have a reason not to.


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